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Julie Benz Shocking Plotline In Dexter Finale

Warning - If you've not yet watched the Dexter Finale and want to be surprised, stop reading now.

If you have seen it or don't really care, then you may or may not already know what happened with Julie Benz in the finale.

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I have to say that I was expecting something sinister to happen to someone in Dexter's family but surely they wouldn't make Julie Benz who plays Dexter's new wife, Rita, as the target.  Right?

I thought for sure that one of Dexter's three children would be the victim of the Trinity Killer.  Even his son would be truly devastating to Dexter.  Instead, his lovely wife was the ultimate sacrifice.  Even more horrifying, her blood soaked body was discovered by a shocked Dexter.

In the grand scheme of Dexter it made perfect sense that he would find his baby son sitting in a pool of his mother's blood which is exactly which happened to Dexter when he was a baby.

Will Julie be coming back as a ghost?   According to Dexter producer Clyde Phillips there are no current plans for the lovely blonde actress to return as a ghost or otherwise.  Clyde reported to EW that Julie  wasn't happy. She loved being with us. We loved having her with us. She took it... professionally. She was greatly disappointed. She's a professional. She works in television. She knew that this was a possibility."

OK, so why did they decide to whack Rita?  According to Clyde "the story evolved and it kind of became inevitable. We knew that we had to do more than kill Trinity. It’s a little bit of a corner that we paint ourselves into. Last year we tried to avoid that and actually I think we didn’t do as well as we could have. We killed off Jimmy Smits’ character [in the 11th episode] of 12 episodes and then we had to figure out what we were going to do in the 12th episode. This season, we knew that we were going to take Trinity out in the 12th episode and we think that the audience knew that, too. We had to raise the bar to as high as possible and then figure out what to do next year."

I for one am bummed.  I love Julie and thought Rita was a good balance for Dexter.  Yes, she was a pain sometimes and becoming a new father was stressful but it showed a new dimension to Dexter that was not there before.

I honestly thing this was the very best season of Dexter so far but will be waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next season which now seems eons away.

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