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Grimm Whips Hair Back And Forth

Whip My Hair Back And Forth

Grimm Whips Hair Back And Forth

NBC's Grimm is a fascinating series based loosely on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.  Episode 7 which aired on December 16th had some interesting references to hair interwoven throughout the episode.

The episode was titled Whip My Hair Back And Forth.  It may or may not have been related to Willow Smith's popular Whip My Hair hit video where she swings a very long section of hair around her head.

In Grimm's episode there is a scene where a mysterious person with very long Rapunzel-like hair is used to literally break the neck of a murderous villain who just happens to be a drug dealer protecting his hidden pot fields.  The hair was used like a killer whip.

The murderous villain aka drug grower was trying to kill two innocent hikers who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  They were saved by the killer hair whip and live to tell the police.  Unfortunately they don't get a good look at the person who is the owner of the long hair.  During their investigation the police (Grimm's Nick and Hank) figure out it's an unsolved kidnapping case.

Grimm - Whip My Hair Back And Forth

And what about the mysterious person who can break a man's neck?  It's a missing girl who was kidnapped and held captive in the woods where she grew up as a feral young woman with ankle length hair strong enough to whip around and break a man's neck.

Yes, the episode is a modernized take on Rapuzel, but instead of a tower, the feral young woman has been locked up in a hunting blind high up in the trees of the dark forest.

While investigating the dead body Nick found very long hairs by the dead body.   He also noticed a woman with a long ponytail and prominent sharp teeth running through the trees.

Of course in Grimm there are all types of creatures and this mysterious long haired woman is from the blutbad race.

Grimm - Whip My Hair Back And Forth - Blutbud

Blutbads can change into wolf-like creature which means demonstrate wolf-like teeth.

The long hairs found at the murder scene matched those of Holly Clarke, a missing girl who disappeared from her mother's back yard nine years earlier.

Ultimately Nick recruited his blutbad friend and they went into the woods and rescued the missing young woman.

At the end of the series she was shown with her mother identifying the man who kidnapped her so many years before.  Her hair had been cut but was sleek and smooth.

While the episode was fascinating and entertaining, it seemed rather unrealistic.  Could someone with ankle-length hair literally break a man's neck by using the hair like a whip?

If so, would they be able to literally kill someone with their hair?  Of course anything is possible but of course Grimm is based on fairytales.

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