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Fairy Tale Long Hair

Introduction - Fairy Tale Long Hair

Disney - Tangled -  Movie Poster Disney - Tangled - Movie Poster

In the world of long hair, where I have lived since 1988, there are unique terms, definitions and general descriptions which apply to the various long hair lengths.

There are also terms which may hold multiple meanings, but might refer to different long hair factors.  Fairy tale long hair is a very good example.

General Definition of Fairy Tale Long Hair

In the long hair world the majority of wearers and admirers would likely agree the definition of fairy tale long hair is hair which grows to beyond floor length.

Beyond floor length would generally be defined as hair which grows to the floor and beyond so that when worn down, the hair would sweep across the actual floorboards or carpeting.

Although fairy tale long hair which is usually 100% all natural and not enhanced with any type of add-on hair, it does exist in the modern world, although it's rare.

There is also Floor Length Hair X2 (FLHx2) which is defined as hair which is twice as long as the person is tall.  Therefore, a woman who is 5 foot tall would have hair which is 10 feet long.

This type of hair is extremely rare, but has also been documented in various record books like the Guinness Book of World Records, throughout time.

Long Hair Length Definitions

Rapunzel - Wikipedia Rapunzel - Wikipedia

In the world of long hair the actual hair length is often defined by where the hair falls against the body.

Although the length of the hair might be described as Ear Length, Chin Length, Shoulder Length or Collarbone Length many long hair aficionados only consider hair to be long when it has reached the first long hair milestone of Bra Strap Length known as BSL.

Bra Strap Length hair is considered by many the first pole position in a long hair growth journey with many long hair fans striving to grow their natural hair to at least Classic Length which is hair which brushes the upper thigh and is halfway to floor or close To Fairy Tale Hair which grows a bit beyond touching the floor.

Long Hair Speak

Of course individual long hair wearers and admirers often have their own personal descriptions and long hair speak they utilize.

Some like to describe their long tresses as Waist Length, Tailbone Length or sometimes Butt Length, which is less popular. Others refer to Below Seat Level hair which means you can comfortably sit on your tresses.

Long Hair - LaVar Hair Designs by Ellin LaVar Long Hair - LaVar Hair Designs by Ellin LaVar

Some of the long hair terms such as Bra Strap Length, Classic Length and Fairy Tale Hair are commonly used and understand by the vast majority of long hair lovers, wearers and the hair community.

Origins Of Fairy Tale Long Hair

The origins of fairy tale long hair extend back into history to the popular German fairy tale Rapunzel which was part of a collection of fairy tales assembled by the Brothers Grimm and first published in 1812.

The Grimm Brothers' story is an adaptation of the fairy tale Persinette by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force originally published in 1698.

The tale has also been included in Andrew Lang included it in The Red Fairy Book.  Other versions of the tale also appear in A Book of Witches by Ruth Manning-Sanders and in Paul O. Zelinsky's 1998 Caldecott Medal-winning picture book, Rapunzel as well as the Disney movie Tangled.

The fairy tale plot is often parodied in various media and its best known line is "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair."

In the popular story a beautiful young maiden is locked up in a tower and the only way to visit her is by climbing up her long, lush and thick golden hair which she lowers down from the tower window.

Disney Tangled - Soundtrack Disney Tangled - Soundtrack

Obviously her hair is beyond floor length to be utilized as a ladder when draped from the top of a tower window.  Which explains the modern long hair term related to fairy tale long hair.

Natural Fairytale Long Hair Ends

In the long hair world the ends of the hair are often referred to as hemlines.  Hemlines comes in a variety of shapes including:

1.  Straight and blunt

2.  V-shape and blunt

3.  U-shape and blunt

4.  Naturally layered (w/out scissors)

5.  Naturally Layered (with scissors)

6.  Fairytale Ends

Fairytale ends are generally described or defined in the long hair world as being long, wispy and randomly tapered hemlines or ends.

Fairytale ends are often developed over a long period of time by long hair wearers who are unwilling to allow their hemlines or ends to be trimmed by hairstylists or similar.

Ashley Elmore With Long Wavy Hair Ashley Elmore With Long Wavy Hair

Long hair wearers  have often endured past traumatic hair trims or cuts to their long tresses.  As a result they vow to never have their end professionally trimmed again.  They create and maintain fairytale ends by personal split end trimming instead of traditional hemline trimming.

Search And Destroy

Many long hair wearers cherish the fairytale ends which are completely Au natural.  Fairytale ends may also be encouraged to develop naturally over time through a practice known as search and destroy (S&D).

When practicing S&D the long hair wearer uses a high quality hair cutting scissors and manually searches for split or ripped ends.   Once the splits and tears are discovered, they are instantly destroyed by snipping them off.

Modern day wannabe Rapunzels who cherish or desire the fairytale ends for their own long tresses will often search their entire head of hair.  They may will spend hours patiently snipping away any random split ends on a regular.  Since the hair is trimmed literally one strand at a time, the ends develop into a pattern of free form flowing wisps.

Some S&D fans will trim their strands every month based around the hair growth friendly moon cycles to maximize the results.

Thoughts On Cut Hemlines On Long Hair

Long Bra Strap Length Hair - Image From Tom Carson Long Bra Strap Length Hair - Image From Tom Carson

Many professional hairstylists are taught to clean up wispy uneven ends.  As a result they may encourage long hair wearers to have all those ends to be removed so the strands fall into a more uniform cut hemline.

While some prefer a blunt edge, many long hair wearers encourage their beautiful long tresses to fall naturally.  Long hair wearers are often focused on growing hair which would be defined as having the special Mesmerizing Factor which means others are mesmerized by the beauty of your long flowing strands.

Summary - Fairy Tale Long Hair

A long hair apparent may be inspired to grow their own hair to fair tale long hair length after meeting others who have successfully achieved the goal of fairy tale long hair.

Growing long healthy hair with an absence of splits, rips, tears or hair damage entails a lot of work, time and commitment.  Many people who have the goal of growing fairy tale long hair may dedicate their lives to achieving their dream hair length.

While its possible for some to achieve fairy tale long hair lengths, this may not be the case for everyone depending upon their genetics, lifestyle, horizontal volume and terminal hair length factors.


This blog is dedicated to Dave Decker whose commitment and love of long hair has inspired me to honor my own long hair for the past fifteen years.

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