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If you've been visiting you probably know that the website was founded back in the 1996-1997 time frame.

Yes, we are an original product of the Web1.0 era although we are currently embracing Web2.0 technologies and advances.

(Image from Hairstyle Gallery - Hair By Vivienne MacKinder from the Airs & Graces Collection - All Rights Reserved).

The site is composed of a wide range of subsections with one of the most famous being our Twitter which over the years has grown to include a wide range of hairstyles for visitors to view, print to take their hairdressers and generally enjoy.

The beautiful Twitter was specifically and solely designed by Jeffry L. Hines, who has been the chief architect and primary web developer throughout the entire history of the Gallery's existence.  Jeff has always been, and continues to be the only architect and web developer for the Gallery section of the HairBoutique site.

You may wonder why I am blogging about this.  Believe it or not I have received questions as part of reference checks asking about other IT/web related former employees who have claimed to have been a primary developer or team leader on the Hairstyles Gallery project.

You can imagine my surprise when I receive those type of questions since Jeff Hines has always been the Gallery Guy and the brains behind the design, operation and ongoing evolution of the Hairstyles Gallery.

Of course most employers known that "wannabe" new hires and applicants are famous for taking "liberties" with their resumes and claiming all kinds of fairy tale experience. Which is why calling to check references is always such a great idea.  Right?

Jeff should be extremely flattered that other wannabe developers want to claim his work for their own on their resumes.  I told him that but he was less than amused as I can understand.

While I am clarifying that Jeff Hines is the Twitter Go-To Guy, I want to also say a special thank you to Jeff Hines for the past 12+ years of his ongoing design, enhancements and work on the Gallery.

Please stop by the Twitter and see the fruits of Jeff's many years of labor.  We work on it every day to constantly update the information and styles.

If anyone ever tells you otherwise, please know that the Gallery is 100% the sole result of the web architecture and development work of Jeff Hines.

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