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Hairstyles Of Favorite Desperate Housewife

Image of ABC's Desperate Housewives - Left to Right - Nicolette Sheridan as Edie Brit, Dana Delaney as Katherine Mayfair, Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge, Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo and Eva Longoria Parker as Gaby Solis - - All Rights Reserved

Hairstyles Of Favorite Desperate Housewife

I've been watching ABC's Desperate Housewives since Episode One.

It's hard to believe they have already filmed 100 episodes.

The other day I received an email from a visitor asking me who was my favorite Desperate Housewife.  They also asked who did I think had the best hair of the bunch?

Hmmmm.  I thought long and hard about that question.

Although I do pay very close attention to the ladies of Wisteria Lane with regard to their hair, I also have really enjoyed watching their characters change and develop over the past 4 1/2+ years.

Like Meryl Streep said in her 2009 SAG Speech, there really is not one best actress on Desperate Housewives.

Everyone is great in their own way and I guess I would have to take that stance when discussing the Ladies Of Wisteria Lane.

Marcia Cross as Bree Van de Kamp On Desperate Housewives

Bree Van de Kamp - Bree Hodge - Marcia Cross

If push comes to shove I would say my all time favorite Housewife is Bree Hodge played by the lovely Marcia Cross.  When the audience was first introduced to Bree she was Mrs. Van De Camp and was more Stepford Wife than a woman with heart and soul.

Her red hair was also worn in a stiff helmet head hairstyle with a perfect flip which wound around her head.  She appeared to have a heart of stone.

As the years have flown by Bree has gone through major struggles which have turned her into a flesh and blood woman who would be instantly expelled from Stepfordville.  She even went so far as to confess some of innermost feelings recently to her future son-in-law.

While her heart and soul have thawed, so has her hairstyles.  Currently she wears her hair long and lush with lots of volume throughout the crown with soft waves.  Bree looks incredibly beautiful and very relaxed.

Gabrielle Solis - Eva Longoria Parker

Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo and Eva Longoria Parker as Gaby Soli - Desperate Housewives - - All rights reserved

Where should I start with Gaby?  Whereas Bree transitioned from the ultimate robot, Gabrielle, aka "Gaby" transformed from Glamazon to harried housewife with a blind husband and two unruly children.  Her hair went from perfectly coiffed to completely trashed.

Gaby has had a crazy love life.  She killed her ex-husband, the Mayor, by pushing him off a boat.  She divorced Carlos after having an affair with the hot gardener.  Then she remarried Carlos and they went from riches to rags and back again.

Gaby has also shown us her inner beauty in a variety of ways.  Sometimes she's quite an enigma.

She unselfishly sold all her most treasure fashion possessions in order to keep the family afloat during the time Carlos was blind and could only work as a massage therapist.

Gaby also showed her integrity when she refused to let her family be controlled by a rich widow, no matter how much money was in it for her.

If I had to pick, Eva as Gabrielle would come in #2 on my list of favorite housewives.

Edie Britt - Nicollette Sheridan

Nicollette Sheridan As Edie Britt - Desperate Housewives - ABC - All Rights Reserved

Edie's the Housewife everyone loves to hate.  She's brass, bold and that other famous B word.  But underneath all that loud bravado Edie is a little girl inside.  Shes been deeply hurt by a series of men.

She had a husband who turned out to be a closet gay, she was dumped by Susan Mayer's ex-husband who just happened to be cheating on Edie with Susan.  Edie managed to snag Susan's beloved Mike when he had amnesia, only to lose him back to Susan when he got his memory back.

The neighborhood man eater also snagged Carlos when Gaby dumped him, but then lost him back to Gaby.

Edie is currently married to a man she doesn't really know who is plotting to kill Mike and possibly Katherine Mayfair.  He is seriously disturbed and committed a murder while setting a fire.

Then he blamed the fire and the death on someone else.  Not a great catch in any woman's book for sure.

Edie's hair hasn't really changed all that much during the course of the series.  If anything, she looks more beautiful than she did during the first season.

Although Edie and Nicollette are both controversial characters in their own rights, I would chose Edie as my third favorite housewife.

Katherine Mayfair - Dana Delaney

Dana Delaney as Katherine Mayfair

The multi-talented Dana Delaney is amazing as Katherine Mayfair.  She's such a great actress and I love her in the role.

I really like Katherine Mayfair.  She has guts and stood up to Bree when she first moved back to Wisteria Lane.  I loved the way Katherine one upped Bree with secret recipes and maneuvers.

Ultimately Katherine and Bree worked things out and where there for each other.  Which is what true friendship is made of.

Luckily her character is involved with Susan's ex-husband Mike and they look good together.  It's hard to imagine anyone with Mike but Susan but if it had to be someone, Katherine is a good fit.

Although Katherine has not been on Desperate Housewives the entire time, her hair has always looked perfect for her role.  She looks great as a redhead and it adds to her personality on the show. She would be my choice for the 4th best Housewife.

Felicity Huffman - Lynette Scavo

Desperate Housewives - L-R:  Marcia Cross as Bree Hodge, Eva Longoria Parker as Gaby Solis, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo and Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer - - All Rights Reserved

I honestly do not like Lynette very much.  Yes, she has struggled with cancer, lost her hair, her husband is a pain in the ass and she has done some pretty crazy things including dancing on top of a bar at Happy Hour.

She has dealt with a control freak mother, a son who is accused of murder and chronic financial issues.

Yes, Lynette lost her hair and wore a series of scarves for what seemed like more than one season, but I honestly think Lynette looks a lot like she did throughout the entire series.

I also feel like her character may be a little older, a little wiser, but she is also pretty much the way I have always experienced her and her hair has remained pretty much the same - at least that is how I experience it.

Susan Mayer - Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer and Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt - - All Rights Reserved

Teri Hatcher is absolutely gorgeous.   I loved her in other roles, but I would never hang out with Susan Mayer.  She's funny, mostly because she's so much of a klutz.  Unfortunately, I find her to be dysfunctional and in need of major therapy.  As Susan, she doesn't know what the word boundaries means and she is unclear of who she is.

Luckily the writers have decided to give Susan a chance to travel on a road of self-discovery with a man.  Unfortunately this development has just occurred in the last few episodes.  Better later than never.

As far as her hair goes, Susan Mayer has great hair.  She always looks beautifully coiffed and her hairstyles are soft, slightly tousled and in keeping with her goofy personality.

Over the years she has pretty much looked the same which is not a bad thing because her hair and fashions do reflect who her character is.

Mary Alice Young - Brenda Strong

I can't really comment on Mary Alice Young because she's dead.  I guess when it comes to a dead woman, Mary Alice has the right hairstyle.  I do wish she had a larger on-screen role because I love Brenda Strong as an actress.

Kathryn Joosten With Chin Length White Bob

Karen McCluskey - Kathryn Joosten

Not really a housewife but a true member of the Wisteria Lane community Karen McCluskey is a hoot.  I love her too death and was so tickled when it turned out her sister was Lily Tomlin.  The two sisters were beyond hilarious sucking down huge cans of beer and spying on Edie Brit's new husband.

I think Karen McCluskey who is played by Kathryn Joosten is wonderful glue that holds the neighborhood together.

As far as her hair?  It also suits her personality quite well and has remained pretty much the same throughout the run of the show.

Who Has The Best Desperate Housewife Hair?

Now that I've shared my hair opinions about the Housewives, what do you think?  I would love to know who is your favorite housewife and what you think about their hair over the years.

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