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Paul Rudd Shares Crush With Ellen

Ellen Degeneres was obviously thrilled to have actor Paul Rudd on her show on Friday.  She announced that his new film, 'I Love You Man", was opening in theaters on Friday and she had been wanting him on her show for a long time. Ellen showed a clip of Paul in the movie demonstrating "air bass" guitar.

Then Paul came out on the stage playing air guitar for Ellen and it was hilarious.   The audience went crazy when he appeared.

After sharing mutual greetings, Paul congratulated Ellen on being on the cover of O magazine.  Paul was backstage during the prior segment when Oprah Skyped in and invited Ellen to share the O cover with her.  Ellen discussed being on O and said "it's given people hope that they can set dreams and follow them".

I Love You Man Is Hilarious

The hostess told Paul "I'm so happy, first of all the movie's hilarious and you're hilarious"  Paul said "oh thank you"  Ellen continued "I'm so happy more people are finding out about you, I've been a fan for so long."  Paul said "thanks, well same here. I think you're just hilarious and so great."

Ellen said "oh thanks"  and Paul said "you're so great and I'm genuinely kinda nervous to be here because you're so great and to actually see the set in real life (Paul looked around behind his chair) in real life and..."  Ellen asked "is it like you thought it would be?"

Paul said "yes, it's exactly like I thought it would be, it's bigger and there's the table that you do that  all the time....and Paul proceeded to straddle over the table like Ellen does in her dancing sequences.  Ellen pointed to the table and said "do you want to try it?" and Paul said "no..I'll strain myself."

It's All In The Pants

Ellen said "yeah you have to have the right type of pants on."  Paul stood up and decided to go for it.  Ellen said "sometimes I don't plan ahead" then Paul appeared to be preparing to go over the table and she said "yeah go ahead, try it."  Paul said "OK, I'll try it."   He flipped his tie up and over his shoulder and then shimmied from end to the other over the table.  The audience went crazy and Ellen was laughing.

Paul said "it feels good, it feels sorta good".  Ellen said "yeah"

Ellen said "I almost saw you fall forward, you have to kinda lean back, you almost went forward"  Paul agreed "I almost did.  That would have been horrible."  Ellen repeated it "horrible, yeah we would have played it over and over again."

Ellen's Had A Crush On Paul And Vice Versa

Ellen said "alright, but seriously I am a huge fan.  I just think you're adorable and I've had a crush on you for awhile...but it's a safe crush, it's a safe crush."  Paul said "well same here (referring to having a crush on Ellen as well)."  Ellen said "ohh come on."  She continued "in the movie you make up the most hilarious expressions and they're not even words, did you make them up or where they in the script already?"

Making Up Hilarious Expressions

Paul said "uhhh, no we kinda, we kinda, made most of them up because...then he stammered and pointed...because this would happen. I can't get a word out. So you don't know what you're going to say but you know it's supposed to be awkward so then sometimes it best to see what happens."

Ellen "just say anything?" Ellen said "he tries to hard to be cool and he's not and its so funny. I think.  I asked them to put together a little montage of how hilarious these sayings are.  Lets take a look.  The show played a clip of the film with Paul saying crazy words.

After the clip Ellen was laughing.  Paul said "momentitus, in a moment"  Ellen repeated "in a moment, momentitus, in a moooooment."

Ellen said "really really funny, Portia and I were watching it and laughing out loud and looking at each other going....and you couldn't be more handsome on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.   Ellen held up the magazine and said "look at you there".  Paul said "it's amazing yeah."  He looked at his cover.

Paul's Change In Celebrity Status

Ellen said "of course I will be on the cover of O and here you are"  The audience roared.  She said "and the most lovable movie star on the planet they're calling you.  Now has your life all of a sudden changed?  Do you find people are more aware of you now? Are  you treated differently?"

Paul said "ummm, well you know, it seems like in the last few weeks also because there's been a lot of promotion for this movie and I've noticed a little bit of difference and it's kinda's really weird actually.  But it's exciting. And they put up a billboard of me I think wearing kinda of like a thong.  So that was uhhhh."  Ellen said "I didn't even recognize you though." Paul said "well that wasn't clearly my body. Yeah. It's a ripped guy with a six pack and you know. I don't look like that in a thong." Ellen said "but even the face I just didn't know that was you. So are papparrazzi"

Paul said "actually a friend of mine said, he called me and said I saw your signs all over did they put your face on some inshape actor's body?"  Paul laughed and I said "man I think they did".  Ellen said "its good, you shouldn't have told us and then we would have thought that was you."  Paul got serious and said "I'm only kidding."  Ellen laughed.

Ellen pointed out that both of them are very competitive so they were going to play a game after a break.

After the break Ellen said "I'm with the most lovable movie star, Paul Rudd."  Ellen said "now you're being called the sex symbol.  Do you see yourself, have you been dying for this to come out?"  Paul was laughing and was obviously very embarrassed.

Paul said "by the way, my mom and my sister are here.  We all came here together.  The guy in the pre-interview was saying about this thing of me being a sex symbol and my mom actually choked on her water laughing.  She did a legitimate spit take.  Which when they really happen, even when spit takes are fake they're funny but when they're real they're hilarious."

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