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Delicious Rat Meat For Hair Growth

There's been a lot of media buzz lately around rats.  First there was the news that Mr. Xian, a Rat Catcher in China caught a "whale of a rodent" with his bare hands.  Now you may not think catching a rat with your bare hands is all that scary, although I do, but the key to this story is the size of the rat.

The rat caught by Mr. Xian in the streets of Fuzhou in southern China was a six pound rat with a full inch of teeth.  Thought to possibly be a Sumatra bamboo rat, this species can grow to be as big as eight pounds.

One noteworthy fact, the smaller rats caught by Rat Catchers in China are commonly sold for meat and often used in food.   Mr. Xian caught the rat by grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and throwing it into a bag.

At first I was a little suspicious that the idea of eating rat meat was an urban myth.  I did a little checking on the Web and found photos of rats being cooked.

Then I discovered in some countries besides China, like other parts of Southeast Asia and India, eating rat meat is common.  In fact, the price of rat meat is skyrocketing due to the increased popularity.

Finally, as a long time consumer hair advocate I have often recommended protein as an important source for healthy hair growth.  As timing would have it, I actually received an email from a man wanting to grow his hair and asking if rat meat was a good protein source.  Although I often recommend lean meats, I honestly didn't know how to answer this question.

I'm sure rat meat since it's meat does have a protein base.  Is it considered a lean meat?  I'm not so sure.  It's back to the research stacks for me unless someone can point me in the right direction?

Since hair is mostly protein it really is true you need to eat protein to grow more hair.  However, at this time I am not going to recommend rat meat in my current hair growth program.

Meanwhile, the profession of rat catching is experiencing popularity since it requires very little experience or tools to get started.  In fact, most rats are caught bare handed as the rat above.

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