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Persimmons For Hair Growth

Persimmons For Hair Growth

Persimmons-40_250h Japanese Persimmon - Diospyros kaki Seeds - By MySeeds.Co - - All Rights Reserved

Earlier today I was wandering the organic produce aisles of my local Whole Foods when I spotted one of my favorite fruits. Some people are not aware of the benefit of eating {{asin=B00JNJGJ8Q,text=persimmons}} for hair growth.

Although the look a little bit like an orange tomato which hasn't quite ripened, the persimmon is about as different from a tomato as you can get.

Officially, persimmons are known as Diospyros, which means a fruit of the gods. Though there are other varieties with their own unique names.

I'm often asked what persimmons taste like.  It's hard to explain.

This fruit which has Asian origins, is very sweet. I've seen it compared to dates dipped in honey and sprinkled with nuts.

They're often made into a wide range of desserts, preserves, baked goods, sauces and even chutneys.

Chock Full Of Hair Growing Vitamins And Minerals

Persimmons-41_250h Japanese Persimmon - Diospyros kaki Seeds - By MySeeds.Co - - All Rights Reserved

Although persimmons are a fruit and have a relatively high sugar content, they're chock full of nutrients.

This is why eating persimmons for hair growth is an excellent option.

Sometimes known as Japanese persimmons, the majority of persimmon varieties originated in China.They made their way to the West Coast of the United States over 100 years ago.

Ripe persimmons are very high in healthy hair Vitamins A and C. They also contain Vitamin E.

Persimmons, especially the Japanese version, are one of the highest foods in Vitamin A, which is hair nourishing beta carotene.

The cartonoids in the fruit are converted to Vitamin A after the food is ingested.They also have antioxidant properties.

Eating 100 grams of persimmons contribute a third of the daily requirement of Vitamin A for the average person.

These delicious fruits are loaded with manganese, calcium and other hair friendly vitamins and minerals.

Persimmons-42_250h Japanese Persimmon - Diospyros kaki Seeds - By MySeeds.Co - - All Rights Reserved

The fruit is also high in lutein and zeaxanthin which helps to protect eyes from bright and ultraviolet lights.

Japanese Raw Persimmons - Diospyros Kaki - Highest In Nutrients

The Japanese Diospyros are the very best persimmons for hair growth benefits. They have more vitamins and nutrients than the American version of persimmons (raw Diospyros virginiana).

The Japanese persimmons contain 0.58 grams of protein while the American persimmons only contain 0.8 grams of protein.

Japanese persimmons are much higher in vitamin A than their American cousins.

Overall, the Japanese persimmons have the best hair growth benefits.

In addition to the higher protein, they include thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Vitamin B6, folate (B9), choline,  calcium, iron, magnesium, mangenese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Beware of overdosing on persimmons because of their high sugar content.

Persimmon-43_250h Ripe kaki, soft & ready to eat. Japanese Persimmon - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved.

Astringent And Non-Astringent Persimmons

There are two varieties of persimmons, the astringent and non-astringent kind.

Astringent persimmons are loaded with tannins before they ripen, which make them bitter to numb the tongue and mouth if eaten before they are ripe.

Some describe the taste as being chalky.

Astringent Persimmons

Hachiyas and Tamopans are the most widely available in the astringent category.

Once picked, they must be eaten, cooked or stored within about 7-10 days or they will begin to turn bad.

They may be picked just before they're fully mature and ripened in a plastic bag, like apples, pears and other fruits.

apples-4_250h Fresh Apples - - All Rights Reserved

Placing a banana in the bag is said to help hasten the ripening process.

For best results, they are picked ripe from the tree and consumed almost immediately.

Non-Astringent Persimmons

Fuyu, Jiro, Gosho and Suruga are the most common non-astringent varieties.

They can be eaten before they're fully ripe because of their much lower concentration of tanning.

These types of persimmons are often compared to apples because they have a similar firm texture.

Some people will actual substitute this type of persimmon for apples in pies.

ApplePie-33_250h Fresh Apples - - All Rights Reserved

Persimmons grow wild throughout the southeastern regions of the United States.

Known as Diospyros texana, this variety is much smaller than the other types of persimmons.

They are also a pale orange that is about the size of a small plum. The fruit is black or very dark purple.

Summary - Persimmons For Hair Growth

Persimmons are a complex fruit which has a long and very colorful history.

One of the key advantages to persimmons, especially the Japanese version, is the high amount of Vitamin A and C, which are great for hair growth.   

They are also an excellent source of fiber, which helps keep the body regulated. If you don't know about persimmons, but are interested in a hair healthy food, you may want to check them out.

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