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Bachelorette Jill Wears Earrings In Steamy Hot Tub

Bachelorette Jillian HarrisBachelorette Jill Wears Earrings In Steamy Hot

Yes, I watch The Bachelor.  It's one of the few reality TV shows I've been addicted to since the beginning.

I understand the series is as much about entertainment as it is trying to encourage a bachelor or bachelorette to find their "true love" on television in front of millions.  I get that.

Case in point? Last night on The Bachelor when Jason and Jillian were heating things up in the hot tub, Jill was shown wearing a pair of gorgeous turquoise chandelier style earrings.

They were breathtaking.  Which immediately distracted me completely from the plot.  I was thinking, 'no way' would I be wearing stunning earrings like that in a hot tub.  With my luck I'd drop them in the steamy water and they would be ruined.

It seemed staged for Jill to be wearing those glam earrings in a hot tub with a man who had steamy romance on his mind.  And hot romance is exactly what  Jason said he wanted to have with Jill.  Or at least that's what he told the cameras he wanted.

This definitely made the hot tub scene appear scripted.  Was anything real about the hot tub scene?  Or was it designed to pull in tons of ratings. 

Bachelorette Jillian Harris

Just like soap operas or evening dramas where women are dressed up to the nines having a steamy romantic scene with an ornate hairstyle and accessories.  Not real life.  Or at least not the lives of the people I know.

Of course maybe I'm completely wrong about that, but seeing Jill in the earrings in the hot tub completely distracted me and I had to stop and call all my friends to ask them what they thought.

I will say taking the romantic dates to New Zealand was an incredible plan.  What woman would not be able to fall in love in that gorgeous country?

Heck, you could probably get Nicollette Sheridan to go on a romantic weekend date with Ryan Seacrest, who she hates, if it was an all expense paid trip to New Zealand.

Well maybe not, but you never know.  I must confess I'm almost more intrigued by the gorgeous scenery than what is happening with the remaining three bachelorettes.  Do you agree or am I just crazy?

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