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Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Chops Hair And Dyes It

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Chops Hair And Dyes It

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert

ABC Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her finance J.P. Rosenbaum, who was her final pick on the reality matchmaking show, are planning a wedding.  At least that's what the tabloids are now saying.

The most recent Bachelorette is also changing her hair on a regular basis.

The current media rumor is that Ashley and J.P. are going to tie the knot on ABC on the West Coast.  The wedding is estimated to take place right after the next season of the Bachelor, but before the Bachelorette.

Meanwhile Ashley and J.P. are nesting in New York while Ashley finishes up dental school.  The Bachelorette is also supposedly enjoying the fashion scene and changing her hair length, style and color.

She recently chopped off her Bachelorette period long tresses and dyed into a deep raven black.  She also added blunt bangs.

Ashley's hair color change is nothing new. 

Ashley Hebert On Bachelor Brad Episode

She had long blonde hair without a fringe when she finished number 3rd in Bachelor Brad's season.  In preparation for her turn as The Bachelorette she went with a darker auburn hue and a side swept feathered fringe.

Will Ashley Hebert change her hair yet again before her wedding to J.P.?

Ashley Hebert is planning on changing her hairstyle again, but will J.P. Rosenbaum like what she decides to do next?

The Bachelorette recently tweeted about her newest hair change to Bachelor BFF friend, Ashley Spivey ""YAY I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Looks totally fab. I'm changing mine again soon...haha. Love you miss you come over!!"

Ashley Hebert As Bachelorette

Will Ashley return to the blonde of her Bachelor Brad days or will she go with a completely new hue such as a vibrant red or even a deep purple?

Will she also add hair extensions?  With Ashley anything seems possible when it comes to her hair.

Wedding On West Coast

Although J.P. and Ashley have been vague about their future wedding plans, insiders has indicated that ABC is already planning the Bachelorette wedding between Ashley and J.P.

Not only will ABC pick up the tab for the wedding, it will be broadcast with an expected huge ratings share.

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