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What's Wrong With The Bachelorette?

What's Wrong With The Bachelorette?

I've been watching The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad since the very first season of all three.  Some of the seasons have been so much better than others which is to be expected.  Until now I have always enjoyed The Bachelorette seasons more than the The Bachelor.

I adored Trista Rehn (still do) and even when some of the seasons didn't turn out as hoped (Jen's season) I still felt they were more authentic and true-to-life.

I do have to say that this season of The Bachelorette (Ashley Hebert) has surpassed the season with Jen as the worst season ever in my opinion.  The first two episodes felt awkward and uncomfortable, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong.  Now that we deep into this season of Ashley's Bachelorette season I have figured out what's wrong with the Bachelorette.

1.  Ashley

The female dental student was not the best pick for the Bachelorette.  She came across as needy, weepy, insecure, fearful, overly emotional and uncomfortably awkward during her time on The Bachelor (Brad Womack).  Ashley was also Brad's bachelorette number 3 and didn't even make it to the final two. There were so many other bachelorettes that would have had more charisma and been less of a big hot mess.

Since the Bachelorette has to carry the entire season and be the star, if she is not stellar, it leaves the whole series wanting.  I don't have anything against Ashley, I'm just a not a huge fan.  Watching her sometimes makes me wince and feel embarrassed for her.  I don't think she has the self confidence, charm and stage presence to pull off an entire season.

2.  The Mask

It's kinda charming when the guys write poems, bring unusual and thoughtful gifts or show other bursts of personality at the beginning of a season.  That's not the case with the guy in The Mask.  He was creepy, unsettling and distracting.

I'm disappointed the producers allowed the guy with the mask.  I'm also disappointed that Ashley just didn't bounce him after the first meet and greet.

3.  Bentley

Of course The Bachelorette is reality TV and there has to be drama.  Bentley brought the drama, but Ashley allowed herself to be totally sucked into the situation. Bentley obviously did not want to be on the show and many his comments were downright cruel.

Of course he did the right thing by leaving the show, but Ashley has let her brief time with the obnoxious bad boy to color all her remaining dates.  Ashley needs to get over Bentley and move on.  Or at least stop obsessing about him and his dot, dot, dot final comment.

4.  Ashley Roast

Watching Ashley get roasted for her small chest and other flaws was painful to watch.  Seriously?  Who thought of this craziness for an episode segment.  Were the show's producers trying to highlight how fragile and insecure Ashley is?  Or were they trying to highlight what big jerks some of the bachelors are?  It was a bad situation from every angle.

5.  Boxing Match

If the Ashley Roast was in bad taste, the boxing match in Thailand where cutie pie Ames got his clock cleaned was even worse.

Why would anyone agree to risk getting their head bashed in for reality TV?  Even more importantly, why would Ashley allow her potential dates to get beat up by each other?

The entire boxing segment highlighted the fact that Ashley seems to have poor decision making skills. Or maybe she's a pawn of the show's producers.

6.  Ben C And William Two On One

Bachelor William, who admitted on camera that he could be the biggest ass**** sabotaged Bachelor Ben C. on their Two In One Date in Thailand.  One the Two In One Dates one or both of the Bachelors can be sent home.

William told Ashley that Ben C was not really interested in her and couldn't wait to get back to online dating websites.  Was that really true?  He Ben C really say that or was he just kidding?  Ashley didn't even check the facts with Ben C to see if what William said was fact or not.  She took William at face value and sent Ben C home on a raft.  Really?

The good news was that William got his karma for trashing Ben C.  He was also sent packing at the end of the date.  Ashley decided that her feelings for William were never going to progress so off he went.

7.  Lack of obvious chemistry with anyone

The beauty of The Bachelorette is that it gives all the viewers that ultimate fantasy of a real life love story.  Yeah we know it's not real, but it can be fun to dream.

Everyone wants a happy ending whether they believe it's real or not.  Many of the viewers understand The Bachelorette is potentially scripted and edited to make it more dramatic and exciting.  Oddly, Ashley's season doesn't seem to be creating any fantasy romance with anyone.  In her mind she might believe Bentley is "the one" but the viewers see the truth.

8.  Bently Rewind

Bringing the bad boy back has been done before on previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons and it never really works.  The same can be said about bringing Bently back so that Ashley can get closure.  At this point it's another distraction and just plain annoying.


To be honest Ashley's season just seems boring.  I find myself fast forwarding my DVR through major parts of the episodes when Ashley is having an emotional meltdown, obsessing about the obnoxious Bentley or when she's having a snooze of a conversation with one of her "guys".

Right now I am just waiting to see who the final two are so I can figure out who might win Ashley's heart, if that can really happen.

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to the start of the new Bachelor Pad even though the more obnoxious Jake is on the show with his ex.  At least there will be lots of drama.  Right?  Something Ashley's season needs more of.  What I can't believe is that we are seeing the edited version of the show.  What was it like raw and uncut?  Zzzzzzzz?

The good news about the show this Summer?  Host Chris Harrison's hair looks better than any other season.  Does he have a new hairstylist?  Or is he using a new product line?  Chris, please spill your secrets about your hair.

What do you think?  Do you agree the current season of The Bachelorette is a big snooze?

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