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Bachelor Eliminates Jillian Keeping Melissa And Molly

On ABC's The Bachelor Jason and the three remaining bachelorettes are having a romantic getaway to New Zealand.  When push came to shove, Jason was forced to eliminate another of the women.

Although she was initially considered a front runner, Jillian, was eliminated.

The Web is abuzz with the rumor Jason will either get back with Deanna who returns to the show for the final episode, or he will be with Melissa because stills from The Final Rose Ceremony show Jason proposing to a bachelorette wearing a pinkie ring, which Melissa has worn throughout the entire show.

(Image of Jason Melnick - The Bachelor - Rose Ceremony - ABC - All Rights Reserved).

In previews for The Final Rose Ceremony the audience is warned about the shocking and intimate nature of the show.  In all fairness, the show has been on for so many ongoing seasons it's becoming more challenging each season to surprise the faithful viewers. 

Although rejected bachelorettes and bachelors have been allowed, in rare circumstances to come back to talk to the person that dumped them, it has never happened on The Final Rose Ceremony show.

Even though Melissa is from my hometown of Dallas, I really don't see chemistry between Jason and Melissa or Jason and Molly but what do I know?

(Image of L-R Jillian, Molly and Melissa at Final Rose Ceremony in New Zealand - The Bachelor 2009 - ABC - All Rights Reserved).

I actually thought Jason had more chemistry with Jillian but still not as much as he had with Deanna Pappas, who eliminated him in favor of Jesse.

I actually felt bad for Jillian when she was eliminated.  Not only did she spend more time than normal talking to Jason about him not selecting her, she appeared more devastated that other bachelorettes over the past seasons.  She genuinely seemed heartbroken.  I felt bad for her.

Whether Jason winds up with Deanna Pappas or Melissa, the question remains, will one of The Bachelors really make it to the alter?

Also, how cool is it for Deanna to get a trip to New Zealand?

What do you think?  Will Jason select Melissa, Molly or reunite with Jillian?  Ellen Degeneres said on a recent show she believes Jason will reunite with Deanna?  I guess only time will tell.

Many theories are buzzing around cyberspace even including a hot new rumor by RealitySteve that Jason will select Melissa in the end but ultimately dump her and select Molly, who RealitySteve has claimed all along is who Jason really wanted.

According to RealitySteve who is well connected with The Bachelor insiders, the show had planned for Jason to dump Melissa after he proposed and then go with Molly as a way to pump up ratings.

Lord, lets hope not.  That would be beyond vile.

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