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Molly Malaney Says OK To Be Selfish For Love

Ellen introduced Molly Malaney by saying "she didn't get the ring but she got this guy in the end.  Please welcome Molly.

Molly started by telling Ellen "I thought I was going to get booed."

Worried About Being Booed Off The Show

Ellen said "no we're all friendly folk here, it's not that kind of show." Ellen explained "like I said, I feel bad (about the Melissa situation) and in a way I think this puts so much pressure on your relationship so its going to do probably both things its going to make you kind of sick together and try to ride out the storm together cause no one is going to understand what you're going through except for the two of you."

Ellen continued "at the same time its going to put a lot of pressure on you and cause problems have those two things and I say you either gotta hold and fight because I think you're both to have a lot of.....

Really Difficult Days

Molly said "its been a really really difficult couple of days."  Ellen understood and agreed "yeah because its not like he picked you and everybody's happy for you or he picked you and everybody's hey.... not, I'm sure there's support but there's a lot of criticism."

Molly "sure.  We...this should be the happiest time for us right now but we're surrounded by so much negativity.  But we're just trying to stay positive and focus on what matters and that's each other" then Molly pointed to the two of them as to indicate them as a couple.

(Molly Malaney - - The Bachelor)

Jason "yeah, it's funny its almost like when one of us is up the other person is down and the other person's up the other's person down and we have to kinda pull each other through it and that's important for us."  Ellen said "well good, its going to pull you closer together for sure and uh create a lot of fights." Molly threw her head back and laughed. So did Jason, but not as animated.

Did Molly Know About Jason Breaking Up With Melissa?

Ellen asked Molly "as we all found out, it was not a surprise to Melissa, that she kinda knew that was happening, but you did not know" correct?  "You looked completely surprised."

Molly "nooooo I was surprised, I was very surprised.  I looked at Chris at one point and said "am I getting punked right now because this is not a funny joke?"   Yeah, I had so many emotions running through my mind at that moment, I didn't know if it was real, I was confused."

Ellen asked "but what did you feel about him?  Did you watch him tell Melissa?" Molly said "no.....I just watched it with everybody else.  That was the first time I had seen it."  Ellen quizzed Molly "what did you see and when you saw it, what did you feel?"

Everyone Was Heartbroken - Melissa, Molly, Jillian

Molly said "you know, there were moments where I sympathized with Melissa for sure, I was heartbroken by this guy too (she elbowed Jason and then laughed and looked into his eyes). Jason "Wow sharp elbows" in reference to Molly jabbing him.

It's OK To Be Selfish For Love

Molly said "ummm, so I knew what she was going through.  But I do give him a lot of credit for doing what he did, because he's standing up what is best for him.  I think if there is any time to be selfish its when love is involved."

Melissa Perfect Wife vs Molly Fun And Passion

Ellen asked Molly "in a way I don't know how you take that as a compliment or not when he (Jason) said, he explained she (Melissa) was like the perfect wife the perfect mother and you were just a lot of fun and passion."  Jason said "I don't know what that means exactly, because I don't know what the perfect wife is versus is she (Molly) not the perfect wife what made her?"

He said "that's a good question." Molly said "thank you."

Jason explained to Ellen "I think when I looked at Melissa, retrospectively, sitting here now, I looked at Melissa like in the future."

He continued, I think with Melissa "and how you know on our first date I remember her saying yeah I want to be a First Grade teacher and I want to do all these things and she's great with kids and oh my god this is."

Melissa Was On A Pedestal

Jason said "she's (Melissa) up on this pedestal and the best way I can explain these last three girls (Jillian, Molly, Melissa) because Jillian, whom you met, is fantastic too.  Jillian is the friend, we were just talking about this.  Melissa was like this ultimate wife and Molly is just the middle of everything.   I mean she's my friends and she's my partner and she's sweet as can be.  (Molly is) everything I was always looking for and it didn't end. It took me longer than those six weeks to realize that......"

Jason Was Broken Hearted Saying Goodbye To Molly

Ellen "Except that you fell apart when she left, so it looked like you were broken-hearted saying goodbye to her.

Jason said "of course I was broken hearted saying goodbye. I mean, I shared a lot with her. When I was sitting there at that time I was thinking, of course I'm going to be hurt.  I cared so much for her and I had so many strong feelings for her.  I was separating that from what happened with Melissa because I had already made up my mind."

Ellen asked "and you're going to move to Seattle?"  Molly "Eventually. I think right now we're just trying to adjust to being a couple in the real world first. We're just taking things at our own pace."  Ellen said "Yeah, and then the next level is being in the same city. And then living together and then life and then real life."  Jason and Molly were laughing and shaking their heads saying "yeah"

Ellen said "well good luck to you, I assume you are all planning on getting married? You're just taking it a day at a time?"

The couple agreed, yes "a day at a time." Ellen asked "what's next for you Jason?"  Jason said "that's a good question.  Then Jason discussed how he was going to start his own business and the segment ended.

Will Molly Survive This Relationship Long Term?

This entire conversation with Molly triggered some questions.  She said she believed it was OK to be selfish for love.  She also seemed a little annoyed when Ellen asked about the fact that Jason said Melissa was the perfect wife but Molly was fun and passion.  Hmmmm.  If I were his latest love and I wanted more than just a fling, I might be a little concerned.

What do you think?

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