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Spencer Tells Jay Heidi's Dad Pulled Gun On Him

The blonde reality couple the world loves to hate appeared on Jay Leno on February 9th.  Heidi looked stunning in a short silver spangled gown with high heels and her very blonde hair worn long, lush and with large soft curls and waves.  Spencer had on a cream collared shirt, cream colored jacket (sports coat) and dark slacks.

Jay started off the interview by telling the couple he "had not seen the show." He asked Heidi what the show was about.  Heidi explained "it's a reality TV show based on several people's lives in Hollywood.  It's about lots of drama." 

Jay asked if The Hills was a spin of Laguna Beach. Heidi said "yes, Laguna was the original and The Hills was the second, the spin off."

Jay wanted to know how Spencer wound up on The Hills.  He said "my brother Brody and I saw the show and we decided to go get on the show."  So they (Spencer and Brody) made it a point to go to the clubs where Lauren and Heidi were hanging out so they could meet up with the girls and get on the show.

Spencer told Jay they (he and Brody) were already going to the same clubs anyway.  Jay said "so you saw her (Heidi) on television and you went and met her and now you're married? Spencer said "we're almost married."

Jay asked Spencer what he was doing before he got on The Hills.  He said "did you have a regular job?" Spencer explained "I had just created a reality show, Princes of Malibu with David Foster for Fox".

He explained it was a reality TV show like MTV's The Hills and all based on drama and fun. Unfortunately the show was cancelled after just two episodes.  Jay wanted to know why the show was cancelled after just two episodes.

Spencer said the Fox show got cancelled because "the parents got divorced."  He noted "Fox wanted a show about a married couple and they got divorced. So that was the end of the show."

Jay told Heidi and Spencer that he had done a spoof of The Hills and asked if they wanted to see it.  They agreed and Jay played a tape where he was spoofing himself on The Hills with Heidi and Spencer.

Jay asked Heidi what she had been doing before she got on The Hills.  She said "I was a working girl and I worked really hard" which got a big laugh from the audience.  Jay advised her that might be the best term to use.  Heidi agreed and said "that sounds bad."

She continued "I am from a small town in Colorado.}  I had "humble beginnings."  She said she was interested in working in fashion and had gone to "fashion school".  She was also "working in restuarants" to make money. She said she got hooked up with The Hills at her fashion school where she met "this MTV girl."  She said they (the students at the school) heard this MTV girl was coming to the school.

Heidi said "one day this girl said "I'm going to the VMA Awards" and Heidi realized she was that girl - the MTV girl.  She said she told Lauren (the MTV girl) "I thought you were going to be such a loser" and she wasn't.  The two wound up being friends and as a result she (Heidi) wound up being one of the girls on the show.

Jay talked about the big show about Heidi and Spencer getting married in Mexico.  The couple explained to Jay "we found out getting married in Mexico is not legal".  They said "we didn't know that until after" we got married.

Heidi asked Jay about his marriage and said she thought he had done the same thing, eloping to Mexico.  Jay said "no, we (his wife and him) got married in out house in the US."

Jay teased Heidi and Spencer and said "you can have sex in Mexico but not here.  That's a pain."  He then asked them "are you going to get married here?"  Heidi said "I think so".

Spencer replied "there is a little tie up here about her parents getting on board" with their marriage. Heidi said "my mom is a little against us getting married". Spencer told Jay "he (Heidi) mom and I don't really get along."  Jay said he had heard some things about Spencer and asked "is there any truth that you're a weasel?"  Spencer said "yes, a little truth."  Heidi disagreed with that statement about him being a weasel and praised Spencer.

Heidi explained that Spencer "he wanted to wait for my mom and everyone so we are kinda waiting.  My dad loves Spencer."

Spencer in talking about Heidi's dad (who is divorced from her mom) said "her dad is the real deal."  He's a "cowboy, with a ranch, cattle, cowboy boots."  Heidi's dad has the whole deal.  Spencer continued and told Jay "he keeps a pistol on his holster."  Spencer said when he and Heidi went to see Heidi's dad at one point "she left for the bathroom" and Spencer was left alone with her dad and his pistol.  Heidi explained her parents are divorced but she had never seen her dad's "pistol before".

Jay seemed to think it was weird Heidi did not know her dad had a gun in a holster on his belt.  She swore she had never seen it before.  She told Jay "my dad never pulled the gun on me."

Spencer told Jay, "she leaves the room and her dad pulls out the gun and it's all loaded."  Spencer said Heidi's dad said "you know God made the Colt 45 for father-in-laws?"

The segment was ending and Jay had to welcome musical guest Duffy.  He said to Spencer and Heidi,

next time we see you you'll be married?"  Heidi said "I think so."   Jay that he would keep up on them to see if they got married.

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