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Heidi And Spencer Pratt Controvery On Jungle Exit - Real Or Not?

Heidi Montag Pratt is one of the stars of MTV's The Hills and has risen to public awareness for her ongoing drama with Spencer Pratt, whom she married for the second time in Southern California.

Heidi was originally invited to be on The Hills because of her status as best friend with Lauren Conrad, a reality star from Laguna Beach Days.

Heidi and Lauren ended their friendship with Heidi got involved with the guy everyone loves to hate - Spencer Pratt.  Whether Spencer is as evil as he appears on The Hills is hard to know.  Is it a character he's playing or is he really that spoiled rotten, egotistical and a royal pain?

After having a "fake" wedding in Mexico several months ago, Heidi and Spencer, known as Speidi, had a "real" wedding in Los Angeles although even the "real" wedding brought up a lot of questions.  For example, why did Heidi and Spencer's family hide out in the back of the church?  Was the wedding really real or for MTV cameras?

The latest - is it real or is it fake - is Heidi and Spencers antics on NBC's reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.  The premise behind the show is that a group of celebrities are dropped into the middle of a jungle and then go through a series of challenges.  The celebrities have to rough it and the challenges involve slime, eating all sorts of weird food like rat's tails and hanging out in a house full of rats, bats and other creepy crawlies.

For the current edition of Get Me Out Of Here - the newlyweds - Heidi and Spencer - were included as part of the eleven brave celebrities.  Apparently the celebrities play to win money for their favorite charities.

From the first minute Speidi showed up on the show there has been major drama including:

1.  Heidi and Spencer leaving the show three times and then coming back.

2.  The Bratty Pratts getting into a fight with the rest of the celebs over Tori Amos taking Heidi's dry shampoo

3.  Multiple scenes of Heidi spraying her hair non-stop with dry shampoo to make sure she looks good in the jungle.

4.  Heidi and Spencer telling the cameras they didn't care if they won the food challenge and don't care if the rest of the team eats or not. 

5.  Spencer being baptized in the river by Stephen Baldwin.

6.  Heidi and Spencer refusing to participate in the first group trial where bugs and snakes crawl over them.

Basically Heidi and Spencer were horrendous throughout all the first episodes I watched.  I wanted to push a button and eject them from the TV screen.  While Spencer seemed as mean as ever, the two came off as mega spoiled, obnoxious and not the brightest bulbs in the pack.  I for one have vowed to never watch them on anything they appear on again.

The latest drama?  Heidi was supposedly rushed to a Costa Rican hospital and was reported "convulsively throwing up" due to the 'torture' she was supposedly subjected to on the NBC reality show.  Reports say Heidi was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer, and has since left the hospital after being put on a round of antibiotics.

Now the rumors are swirling.  Did Heidi really get an ulcer?  Were she and Spencer forced to stay in some sort of torture chamber which caused extreme stress and resulted in Heidi getting an ulcer?

Depending on whom you talk to, Speidi spent one day and one night in a dark room with the bare essentials to survive which was water, rice and beans.  According to Perez Hilton's blog "someone from NBC described Speidi's punishment as "the same as Guantanamo Bay."

Hilton also noted  "it is more than a little shady that NBC Alternative Programming VP, Paul Telegdy, described the treatment of Spencer and Heidi as torture!  "They are now going to be examined, and their value system utterly deconstructed ...These people really are going to bare their souls," Telegdy told Ryan Seacrest last week."

Huh?  Does that sound a little shady to you?   Supposedly Spencer has fired his current attorney and reports indicate he is planning to sue NBC.  Why?  Throughout the reality show - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - Spencer kept talking about how rich he and Heidi were.  So why sue?

Of course with all the major drama and talk of Speidi torture don't be surprised by high how the ratings go for the next show on Monday night.  Hmmmmm, is NBC taking notes on how ABC used Melissa Rycroft to jack up their ratings for The Bachelor?  Could be.

Regardless, stay tuned for more drama, intrigue and yes, jungle craziness.  Is it real or not?  Will we ever know?

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