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Holly Montag's Cute Messy Stacked Ponytail

Holly Montag Cute Messy Stacked Ponytail

Holly Montag Cute Messy Stacked Ponytail

Holly Montag's Cute Messy Stacked Ponytail

The Hills (MTV) is always full of relationship drama, but you can always find some fabulous edgy fashions, accessories and hairstyles.

For the current season of The Hills, Heidi's big sister, Holly Montag, has moved to Los Angeles at the urging of her little sister.

Not surprisingly, big sis Holly and Heidi's guy Spencer have had lots of difficulties.  As a result, Holly was asked to move out of Spencer and Heidi's apartment.

Holly found refuge with her old friend who just happens to be Spencer's arch enemy, Lauren Conrad (LC).

On a recent episode the honey blonde Holly popped in to try and catch up with  the platinum blonde tressed Heidi, but found only a snarling Spencer.

Never mind Spencer's bad attitude.  It's more important to comment on Holly's hairstyle and fashions.  Holly wore spectacular thigh-high boots with a cute geometric style black and white dress.  She finished off her messy stacked pony hairstyle with gold hoop earrings.

Major Points For A Super Cute Hairstyle

Even though Holly didn't score any points with Spencer (and who really cares anyway?), she did score major hair points for her super cute hairstyle.

Holly Montag Cute Messy Stacked Ponytail

Holly looked adorable with her perfectly highlighted tresses pulled back into a soft, shiny, sassy pony which was anchored to one side with a "stacked" effect.  One pony was stacked on top of another.

The older Montag sister has one chunky white blonde highlighted section which frames the front of her side-swept pony creating a stunning contrast.

If you look closely at the back of Holly's head you may notice that there is definitely more than one individual pony blended into her sassy messy pony style.

Holly's Tousled Hairstyle

Holly's tousled hairstyle was anchored from a deep side right part. Her hair was brushed over to one side of her face creating a long side-swept fringe.  The side-swept fringe nestled against one eyebrow and the top of her cheek.  Holly tucked the rest of the fringe over her ear and directed it into the side pony in back.

Holly Montag

The back of her hair is brushed from the right to the left side of her head and divided into two sections wrapped into ponytails using Blax or similar elastic bands in the same color as her hair.

Stacking Free Form Ponytails

Holly's free form ponytails are stacked on top of each other.  The mid section of each of the ponytails are gently pulled through the Blax elastic to form a big loop.  The ends of the ponytail are allowed to either dangle or may be double looped to form a messy ponytail bun.

You have the option to create just two stacked ponytails with multiple loops and tails or you be experiment with stacking more that two ponytails depending on how full and tangled you want the final hairstyle to look.

Keep in mind that this is a fun spirited hairstyle.  There are no strict rules for creating one on your own hair.  Be inventive, creative and play with different knots and loops.

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