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Holly Madison Antics In Las Vegas

Holly Madison has been generating lots of buzz since being kicked off Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

The former Girl Next Door (GND) reunited with her former flame, Hugh Hefner, and her BFFs, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson for Hef's 83rd birthday party in Sin City at the Palms Resort & Casino.

The birthday festivities for Hef kicked off Saturday afternoon with a Palms Place pool party hosted by Holly.

(Dancing With The Stars The Results Show - Episode 803A - Holly Madison and Dmitry Chaplin - All Rights Reserved -

The party was attended by Hef's new girlfriends, Crystal Harris, Karissa Shannon & Kristina Shannon who remained by his side. 

Although Hef's other ex-girlfriends Bridget and Kendra were in attendance, they each brought their new guys, and their former Playboy love was just fine with it.

Holly told the media "I haven’t seen him (Hef) since I left the mansion and it is my first time filming "Girls Next Door" as a single lady so that’s exciting."

(Dancing With The Stars The Results Show - Episode 801 - Holly Madison and Dmitry Chaplin - All Rights Reserved -

Although the birthday party for the Playboy Mogul went swimmingly well, Holly got in hot water when she insulted Entertainment Reporter Alicia Jacobs, who just happens to also be an ex-girlfriend of Criss Angel.  For those not in the loop, Holly recently ended a relationship with Angel.

The problem between Holly and Alicia Jacobs occurred during an interview that took place at the birthday festivities.

Holly claimed when she told Alicia Jacobs her dress was, "an interesting choice for a pool party," she actually meant it as a compliment."  Holly proceeded to blog about the incident at which point Alicia Jacobs responded in kind.  The media was thrilled since Holly and Alicia appeared to be embroiled in a full blown catfight.  MEOW.

The question the media is now asking is whether Holly deliberately insulted Alicia Jacobs because she had dated Holly's ex or was Holly's comment innocent?

Will we ever really know?  Probably not but it makes for interesting speculation.

(Dancing With The Stars The Results Show - Episode 801 - Holly Madison and Dmitry Chaplin - All Rights Reserved -

Meanwhile Holly has vowed “I’m never getting naked again.” She told the media "I'm over it, I've done it so many times.  It is time to switch it up.  I'm developing my own reality show that I'm producing too, it's going to be about me and my friends here in Vegas."

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