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Ryan Seacrest Teased Carrie Underwood About Choice Of Men

Carrie Underwood's gold and crystal slip gown by Zuhair Murad looked stunning as she appeared to float down the Red Carpet towards her old judge buddy from American Idol - Ryan Seacrest.

(Image of Carrie Underwood - Salute To Icons - Clive Davis - Pre-Grammy Gala - 02-07-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ryan appeared very happy to see the gorgeous Carrie and asked her some ummm, personal questions that obviously made the beautiful blonde Grammy winner a little uncomfortable, to say the least.

He reminded her that he had talked to Carrie on the phone recently and she told him that she was in the process of picking out her gown for the Grammy Awards.  She told him they would lay all the gowns out on her bed for her to select from.

Carrie confessed that while she originally was going to wear a short pink dress, she decided not to go with that because she wanted to go more "classic" and the shorter pink gown showed too much - too much leg, too much skin.  So she decided to go with a more classic gown, which is the one she was wearing.

Ryan said Carrie was wearing the gown "he pictured she would wear."  After discussing her dress Ryan and Carrie discussed the number of Grammy Awards she has won and how long it has been since she was on American Idol.  She told him it had been "four years" since she won American Idol.

(Image of Carrie Underwood - Salute To Icons - Clive Davis - Pre-Grammy Gala - 02-07-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

He told her he was very "proud of her".  Which was appropriate since he voted on her.

He asked Carrie, who wore her very blonde hair in a high and sassy ponytail with lots of volume and va va voom, if she had brought her latest guy - "some romantic jock" with her to the show.  She seemed taken aback and a little embarrassed and she said 'I brought my regular entourage" but no guys.

Ryan teased Carrie about liking "jocks" like she dated in high school.  Carrie said 'I never dated anyone in high school".  Then Ryan said "I'm sure you get plenty of phone calls now."  Carrie said "I don't know" and acted if she wanted to change the topic from her personal life.

Was Ryan referencing Carrie's past relationship with Dallas Cowboy football "jock" Tony Romo?  Hmmm.  Hard to say but definitely Carrie did not want to talk about it under any circumstances.

Ryan asked Carrie if a lot had happened since she had won Idol.  She said a lot of things have happened and they have only gotten better - hair, fashion, make-up.

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