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E! Red Carpet Reporting On 2010 Grammys

I have to give credit where credit is due.  E! has some of the best Red Carpets and pre-Red Carpet broadcasts available for all of the major awards.

Yes, it's true Guiliana Rancic gets a little crazy at times with her questions, but until you've walked a mile in her shoes, it's hard to judge.

(Image of Guiliana Rancic at 2010 Grammy Awards - - All Rights Reserved)

Jay Manual is a great addition to the team with his famous fashion cam where stars pose and spin so you can see a 360 view of their fashions.  Of course Ryan Seacrest, who has to be the biggest workaholic in Hollywood, is trolling the red carpets for stars to interview.

Guiliana, wearing a one shoulder black sequined and glitter encrusted little black dress kicked off the Pre-Red Carpet 2010 Grammy Awards by announcing that their E! Red Carpet show was going to be the first lie stop for every star cruising the carpets.  She also said the show was going to be be broadcast to over 110 countries.  E! is truly going International for the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Guiliana said the "A" Team is present for the Grammy Awards.  She introduced actress Olivia Munn from G4 who was dressed beautifully in a one shoulder deep peach hued short gown.

Olivia said "hey Guiliaina, this is my first Red Carpet with you guy so this is a lot of fun.  We're kinda all packed in here and there's people literally singing as they walk by.  I guess that's fitting because this is the Grammys.  I'm excited because Jay Manual is going to be joining me and playing a little game he created that's all about fashion.  So I'm excited for you guys to see that."

Guiliana said "music and fashion.  You can't beat that. Joining me now is the one and only Ryan Seacrest."  Ryan told Guilana  "you look fantastic.  You look beautiful.  He leaned in and gave her a kiss.  Then Ryan said "I want to be careful when I touch you because last night...the glitter thing.  Last night I said 'hi' to Carrie Underwood and I said 'congratulations on your engagement' and I realized I had Hawaain Tropic glitter on my palm."

Guiliana said "that's how we roll Ryan.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do." Ryan "when you see guys on the Red Carpet with glitter on their faces its because they kissed a female on the carpet.  So, Carrie coming with her finance we understand, on the Red Carpets.  So we'll talk to them about the wedding and the plans.  Also we 'll have a guy who became famous from an appearance on American Idol.  He was a friend of Mary J. Blige.  Our guest judge in Atlanta.  General Platt who took the Red Carpet by storm during rehearsals."  Guiliana "that was yesterday."  Ryan "he'll be doing 'Pants On The Ground'  Guiliana "that was so funny, hilarious."

Ryan "We;ve also set up Guitar Hero on our stage so the stars can play the game Guitar Hero.  Justin Bieber's going to do that and maybe Pink will do some of her own music and.  I'm going to put some final touches on the show, make a couple of calls, send out a few tweets, so people know exactly where we are."  Guiliana "yes, because we're so hard to miss over here."  Ryan "if Britney's coming I want to make sure she comes by.  I not sure if Madonna is, she may in New York but we'll check on that as well."  Guiliana "but Lady Gaga, Beyonce, everyone."  Ryan "Lady Gaga and Elton John are going to do a duet so whose costume will be most outrageous.  That's all coming up life from the Red Carpet."

Ryan "go get ready, go do your thing and we'll hold down the fort."  Ryan referring to how tall Guiliana was said "I feel like I need to stand on an apple box here."    Guiliana "I know I'm wearing super high heels today.  Die!  Sergio Rossi"

Ryan left and Guiliana said "I have to say we can not wait to see what rock dudes and divas are going to live up to the anything goes tradition of Grammy fashion.  Tonight the show on CBS is going to feature some surprise duets. But to be honest I'm more interested in the duets that take place on the Red Carpet.  Taylor Swift has bloggers dreaming up all kinds of guys for her.  Is she going to bring a dream date?  We've seen JT flying solo on the Red Carpet lately.  Is he going to bring Sexy Back tonight?  Like Jessica Biel?  Plus it's a celebration tonight with Madonna and The Black Eyed Peas."

Guiliana introduced Jay Manual.  Jay Manual told Guiliana "anything goes" at the Grammy Awards.  Indeed, Grammy fashions can range from over-the-top to out of control extremes.

Wearing an over-the-top sequined gunmetal gray jacket, Jay Manual literally plucked three unsuspecting female fans at The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles and sent them off to be completely transformed to look like three of the female Grammy nominees.  Although Jay didn't say who the nominees were, videos of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

It was interesting to note that one of the make-up teams included the original founder of Too Faced Makeup whom I had the pleasure to meet in Dallas some years ago.

Stay tuned.  Lots more scoops coming from the2010 Grammy Awards.

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