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Hair Pouf On Cyndi Lauper At 2009 Grammy Awards

It was almost as if I was going into hair battle.  Yesterday, before the E! Red Carpet Event I set up my Awards Ceremony hair watching station.

I had stacks of lined yellow pads, a fistful of pens, my notebook computer, my tower PC, my iPhone for any instant updates, two television sets set up on Tivos so I could watch and Tivo more than one channel for any Red Carpet events or news.

In addition I had on my favorite blog writing shirt and jeans (sorry Sarah Palin, I don't blog in my PJs) and had a couple of bottles of water.

(Image of Cyndi Lauper - 'Celebration to Grammy Nominees' Post Grammy Party - 02-08-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Once E! Live On The Red Carpet started, I was in the thick of the battle.  I was making notes about interesting and/or bizarre questions Ryan Seacrest was asking the beautiful people.

I also was scanning Twitter since the Grammys were micro-blogging live on Twitter.

As I was checking out all the different celebrities on the Red Carpet while scanning various live blogs and Twitter I was amazed to catch a glimpse of Cyndi Lauper in black.

Her hair was coiffed in a huge pouf.  Hmmm.  Interesting look but not really all that unexpected for Cyndi who has created a reputation out of wearing her hair in a rainbow of hues with all sorts of rockstar big hairdos.

Cyndi really outdid herself for the 2009 Grammy Awards. Well at least she did in the hair department.

She had a towering hairline pouf that overpowered her entire head - or so it seemed.  Her outfit was actually quite conservative considering some of the outfits she has worn in the past.

Her hair was a very light white and back combed directly up and off her forehead  She wore simple accessories which from what I could see was a necklace and earrings.  Tiny microbraids fluttered on either side of her face creating a wispy hair appearance along her hairline.

As far as unusual or shocking hairstyles, Cyndi Lauper was the hands down winner at the 2009 Grammy Awards which was actually refreshing.  Many of the Grammy Award attendees were dressed and coiffed to absolute perfection which was a departure from Grammay Awards of the past where over-the-top musicans wore a fun and whimsical collection of unusual hairstyles and fashions.

Cyndi at least kep the tradition alive.  Rock on Cyndi!

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