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Hair Pouf - What It Is

In one of my recent hair blogs I discussed the various sections of the head and how they played into a particular type of hairstyle.

I also discussed the triangular section of the head that made up the area where the fringe or bangs may or may not reside.

A fringe is also known as bangs in the United States.  In Europe, especially England, bang has a different connotation than fringe.

The fringe often will originate in the triangular section of the head right behind the very front of the hairline.  That is also the area where the Hair Pouf will be positioned.

What Is A Hair Pouf?

A Hair Pouf is just another name for a hair pompadour or a hair "bump" or a lifted hairline.  Like so many things in the hair world, there are many different terms for the very same hair style or part of a style.

In the past Hilary Duff has offered some excellent examples of a off-the-hairline hair pouf.

Hair Pouf or Hair Bumps can be positioned right at the hairline, indented a few inches from the hairline with the Pouf being positioned in the middle of the head or back at the crown.

All three Hair Poufs or Hair Bumps are basically created the same way.

Hair Pouf Definition

The Hair Pouf simply is defined as a puffed up or pouffy section of hair.

A Hair Pouf may or may not be worn in combination with bangs of fringe but obviously having the hair hanging down along the forehead may ultimately take away the drama of the Hair Pouf.

Hilary wears her hair pouf in the photos in this Blog with a ponytail with the base positioned in the middle of the back of her head, between the crown and the nape of the neck.

Hair Pouf Height

A Hair Pouf can be any desired height from just a tiny rise off the hairline to a very dramatic rise.  I have seen Hair Poufs as small as 1/4" inch and as high as 4" inches which is quite dramatic.

Hilary's Hair Pouf is well defined and looks like the perfect height for her face.

Who Can Wear A Hair Pouf

Regardless whether you wear a hairline, mid-head or back of the head hair pouf, your hair needs to be straight before you create the hair bump.  If your hair is naturally straight you can easily create the Hair Pouf.

When your hair is naturally wavy or curly you will need to temporarily straighten your hair before attempting a Hair Bump.

To get some ideas for different Hair Pouf styles check out Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale who are known for their different Hair Pouf hairstyles.

Can a person of any age wear the Hair Pouf?  Of course.  Always wear your hair in a manner that you enjoy and makes you feel your best.

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