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Hairline Hair Pouf Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale is most famous for her role in the various High School Musical films.  Before she hit the big time in High School Musical she also appeared in various Disney films.

Ashley caught the ire of her fans and the media when she had her nose cosmetically reworked which she claimed was due to medical reasons and not for vanity.

(Image of Ashley Tisdale with front hairline hair pouf - 60th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards Red Carpet - 09-13-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Regardless of the reason, Ashley came under fire for her altered image.  E! did a series on the best and worst cosmetic surgeries in Hollywood and they discussed Ashley's nose change and explained the differences between a medical procedure and a pure cosmetic surgery.

According to E! once you are under the knife for medical or breathing related problems, why not take advantage of the opportunity to fix cosmetic issues?

Regardless of the reasons for Ashley's nose job, E! deemed it one of the Hollywood cosmetic success stories giving her altered nose good marks.

Fall 2008 Hairline Hair Pouf

While Ashley make the news for her nose job, she also is constantly featured for her edgy hairstyles.  She made news back in the Fall of 2008 for dramatic Hair Pouf which she wore adjacent to the front of her hairline.

Making her hair bump the key feature of her hairstyle, she paired it with sleek straight strands which framed her gorgeous face along the sides.

Her hair was beautifully highlighted which gave the hair pouf even more visibility and dimension.

Ashley let her hair pouf rule.  It was a very flattering look for the actress and it showcased her gorgeous eyes, lips and yes, that beautiful new nose.  Of course she also looked smashing in a gorgeous beaded gown. with matching shoes.

Hair Pouf With Back Pony 2007

The hairline hair pouf Ashley wore in 2008 was actually a refinement of a previous hair bump she wore in 2007 with a back ponytail that had some slight texture.

(Image of Ashley Tisdale at the 9th Annual Young Hollywood Awards -04-22-07 - - All Rights Reserved).

Ever since Ashley caught the spotlight she has worked hard to constantly evolve and change her look, which of course includes changing her hairstyle.

Ashley has altered her hair length, texture and color.

As recently as the late Fall of 2008 the up and coming actress ditched her trademark butter blonde tresses for darker chocolate strands which completely change her look.

Ashley alters between wearing her hair with curls and waves and stick straight with lots of shimmer and shine.  She also has worn her hair coiffed with a series of back hair poufs which form a base for a full cascade of tresses.

When it comes to Ashley's hair, if you've got it, why not flaunt it?

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