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Ryan Reynolds Talks About Snug Green Lantern Unitard At 2010 Oscars

Ryan Seacrest introduced "Ryan Reynolds" who was a "presenter at the Academy Awards"  and stopped by to chat on the Red Carpet sans his lovely wife Scarlett Johansson who was 3,000 miles away in New York where she's working on a Broadway play.

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Ryan Seacrest said to Ryan Reynolds "Walk us through what we're going to see later (during the show)."

Ryan Reynolds who looked handsome in a Tom Ford tuxedo said "Well obviously it's going to be a great show.  I saw a little bit of the rehearsal yesterday (Saturday) which was pretty incredible."

He continued "one of the Best Pictures which is "The Blind Side" starring the one and only Sandra Bullock."  Ryan Seacrest said "Of course.  There's quite a bit of buzz about her winning (she did) tonight.  What do you think is going to happen when they get to that category."

Ryan Reynolds "Look I'm, everyone loves a good story and I'm not talking about the movie.  I think Sandy winning is a fantastic story because it couldn't happen to a nicer person.  Really."

Ryan Seacrest "What the relationship between the two of you (they co-starred in "The Proposal") because she's a chick that kinda half like a dude.  I mean that as a compliment."

Ryan Reynolds "Our relationship is very brotherly, sisterly.  I've known her for ten years.  This day though, it feels amazing.  Like your good buddy just got drafted into the NBA.  It's a great moment for her and I'm sure we'll find some way to bust her chops about it a little bit later.  But yeah."

Ryan Seacrest said to the cameras "Believe it or not we actually train at the same gyms sometimes.  Like me not enough.  But his trainer Bobby told me that you're really really working hard in New Orleans."  Ryan Reynolds "ever day he (his trainer) turns me into a fine cottage cheese curdlike pudding."

Ryan Seacrest said "that's for Green Lantern right?"  Ryan Reynolds said "Green Lantern, yes.  But it's worth it.  It's going to be fantastic.  So I'm really."

Ryan Seacrest "what was it like when you put the costume on (Hal Jordan's green unitard) for the first time?"  Ryan Reynolds "snug, uh snug.  The costume is snug.  It doesn't leave a lot.  It doesn't really camoflauge too much so.  So it's going to interesting.

Ryan Seacrest "people are going to be very interested in that."

Ryan Reynolds "yes maybe.  I think.  Once I stop blushing which will be month three of production I think I'll be equalized."

Ryan Seacrest "good luck with it.  Come see us when it's done and come chat with us."

Ryan Reynolds "I can't wait."  The "Green Lantern" is tenatively scheduled to be released June 17, 2011.

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