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Joel Madden Spun Lionel Ritchie, Motown, Michael Jackson At 2010 Oscars

Ryan Seacrest welcomed Joel Madden and his lovely wife-to-be Nicole Ritchie on the Red Carpet yesterday before the 2010 Academy Awards.

Ryan said "Joel Madden rolling in for the Oscar."

Ryan shook Joel's hand and then leaned over and kissed Nicole who was wearing her brunette tresses pulled up in a sleek crown level soft chignon which worked in harmony with her backless metallic Reem Acra long gown with flowing angel sleeves.

I thought Nicole looked beautiful but felt her gown could have been more revealing.  Yes, it was backless but seemed to have too much material in the sleeves and through the front.  Or maybe it just didn't photograph as good is looked in person.  That's a possibility.

(Nicole Ritchie - 2010 Academy Awards - - All Rights Reserved)

Nicole did look gorgeous although I'm still not a fan of her darker hair color.  I liked her as a blonde.  Nicole also was wearing dramatic eye makeup.  She had a liquid eyeliner with a traditional cat eye.  Joel was wearing his shades.

Nicole said "how are you?" and Ryan said "I should be asking you.  You've got a little pressure tonight."  Then Ryan said "now Joel explain to the folks at home what brings you down the Red Carpet tonight?"

Joel said "I'm DJ-ing tonight.  I'm actually inside of the show.  I'm entertaining the crowd in between all of the production."

Ryan said "I was talking to all of the producers before we came on the air and the idea is to keep the energy up in there.  Because it's a long show.  You know, you don't want any lulls and I think it will be helpful for people coming out on stage because they'll be pumped up on the music.  What are you playing?"

(Image of Nicole Ritchie - - All Rights Reserved)

Joel "I doing a lot of old school Motown, I'm doing Sam Cook, The Platters, of course I'm going to do some Lionel Ritchie and some Michael Jackson."

Ryan asked Nicole "did he play any of it for you?"  Nicole "no, actually he wanted to keep it a big secret about tonight.  So I don't actually know what he's playing."

Joel said "you're the only person I told anything too."

Setting A Wedding Date

Ryan "Thank you very much."  Then he said to Nicole "now have we set a wedding date?  I have to go there because I'm on E!.  Have we set an actual date for a ceremony."

Nicole said "it's tomorrow."  Ryan said "it's tomorrow (3/8/2010)"  and Ryan said "and it's in Catalina, and we will be there."  Joel said "we actually thought it would be cool to have (the ceremony) here."

Nicole said "we actually thought it would be cool to ask you to get ordained....."  Ryan said "imminent, imminent.  I know you want to keep it private but soon."  Nicole shrugged her shoulders "you never know, you never know."

Joel said "I say the same thing as our engagement.  We kinda doing it on our pace.  We have no idea."  Nicole leaned in and said "like he has any say."  Ryan said "big or small?"  Nicole said "I'll tell you."  Joel said "according to her really big, according to me really small."

Ryan said "small, small, easier.  See you guys."  He told Nicole as she turned to leave "you look really lovely."

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