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Carrie Underwood Surprises Ellen Degeneres

On a recent broadcast of Ellen, she told her audience she had "two tickets" to give away for the next American Idol - Idol Gives Back - show.

Since she has become a judge, Ellen's audience has been constantly asking about getting the tickets which are incredibly hard to locate.  Ellen has said in the past she has no ability to get AI tickets.  However, she said she had located two.  Her audience went crazy.

(Image of Carrie Underwood - - All Rights Reserved)

After Ellen told the audience she had American Idol tickets she called out "where's my Idol tickets?"  At that moment a Carrie Underwood song played on the loud speakers and Carrie herself came strolling out from behind the curtain.  She looked so cute.

It should really be no surprise to see Carrie with Ellen because they're both part of the American Idol family.  Right?

Carrie's naturally curly hair was coiffed in loose waves and curls and topped by a metallic gray fedora positioned to one side of her head.  Her fedora looked amazing with her masses of blonde waves which flow halfway down her back.

She greeted Ellen with a hug and then they sat to chat for a bit.

Ellen told Carrie "first of all, congratulations on Entertainer of The Year" which she just won last week from The Academy Of Country Music. Carrie said "thank you, thank you, crazy."

Ellen also congratulated her on her engagement and looked at her ring.  Carrie showed her the rock which covers her hand and Carrie said "he did good."

Ellen asked if Carrie was planning the wedding and if she was excited about that part - the planning part.  Ellen pointed out it's a big deal for some getting married - the planning part.

Carrie told Ellen "everybody would always ask me questions like 'what have always you dreamt of (as a bride)?' and 'this is your day'.  Carrie said "I never thought about it (getting married) until I was engaged."  Carrie said "so I wasn't one of those little girls that always dreamt about getting married.  So I have no idea what I'm doing, basically."

Ellen reminded Carrie that they have planners.  Carrie said "yeah".  Then she said "pretty much we're so much laid back, we pick out food and we know where we're going to be, the big hurdles.  But everything else, we're really easy, we don't care."

Carrie said "we're trying to keep it as small as possible bu he's go so many family members and all my friends are people I work with and love to death.  But we trying to keep it as small as possible."

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