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Secrets Of Perfect Haircuts And Hairstyles

You probably think I'm going to tell you the secret to a perfect haircut and hairstyle is a fabulous hairdresser.  Or maybe you might have guessed I'm going to say the secret is to have done your homework to show up at the salon with a set of great images to show that fabulous hairdresser.

Could it be the right hair type, texture and condition matched to the proper haircut and style.  Or what about selecting the perfect hair and hair style for your face and body type?  Could it be selecting the correct products?

Well all of the above do play into the total equation but the big secret most hair consumers never consider is videotaping their hairdresser giving them the perfect haircut or creating the perfect hairstyle.  This is also true about hair color.

The Video Camera Option

What?  A video camera in the salon?  Yes.

Think about it.  You go to your hairdresser and they cut your hair in a style that is perfection.  You love it, your family loves it and you are able to easily recreate it at home.  You go back to the salon and tell your hairdresser to "do it again" meaning re-create the exact same haircut.

Can they?  Will they?  Maybe, maybe not.

Your hairdresser may not have taken notes on exactly how they cut or styled your hair.  Or they may be having a bad day and can't get it to happen.  Maybe they were experimenting with different shears or added extra water to your wet cut or cut your hair dry.

That perfect haircut, hairstyle or updo you loved so much may be lost to your hair forever.  Unless, it was somehow recorded.  Which is where the secret of the video tapes or cameras come in.

If you have a video tape of the entire cut from the past, you can ask your hairdresser to review it to jog their memory.   Yes, a photo of the finished style will help but in the grand scheme of things, a video of the creation of the haircut or hairstyle from beginning to end would be fabulous.

Will your hairdresser let you do this?  I can only imagine some hairdressers reading this blog and rolling their eyes and mumbling some interesting words.  Is it a good idea?  Even better, is it something your hairdresser should let you do?

Celebrity Hairdressers Use Photos And VideoTapes

I will tell you that some celebrity hairdressers will videotape haircuts and hairstyles of their celebrity clients in preparation for a major hair event like a wedding or Red Carpet appearance.  Some will create photographs of the practice hairstyles.  Ken Paves did several practice hairstyles for Jessica Simpson before the two selected the ultimate hairstyle Jessica wore for her wedding to Nick Lachey several years ago.

With the popularity of YouTube having a video of your hair being cut or styled might actually be a good thing since you could should others how great your haircut or hairstyle turned out.

Hairdresser And Hair Client Boundaries

Whether having your haircut or hairstyle videotaped is a good idea or not, if you decide you would like to try it you must discuss it with your hairdresser before you show up at the salon with a full camera crew or light umbrellas and photographers.

It is up to your hairdresser to agree or not agree to being videotaped depending on their comfort zone.  It is also important to let them know what your ultimate goals are with the tapes.  Are you going to keep the tape just to record a great haircut, hairstyle or updo?  Or do you plan to broadcast it on YouTube?

While its your hair being cut or styled, the hairdresser might be on the video unless you can work something out with them that only their hands are shown.  Or maybe not.

Who Legally Own The Finished Tape?

So who legally owns the finished tape?  This could get sticky.  In a major salon where all of the hairdressers are employees of the salon, the salon and its parent corporation own the tape.  Even though its your video camera and your hair.

Its their employee who created the haircut and hairstyle in their space.  Therefore, you would need a written waiver from the parent company that specified whether taping could occur and ultimately how the tape could be used - personal versus public.

If the hairdresser is a booth renter, you would need to work out any rights with that hairdresser since they rent the space.

Whatever you and your hairdresser decide, whether they are employees of a major hair salon chain or a booth renter, you must get it in righting so there is no misunderstanding going forward.  It shouldn't be a big deal to create an simple agreement but whatever is decided should be written down and then signed by all parties involved.

Other Factors To Consider

Besides the videotape you may want to supplement with your own haircut or hairstyle notebooks.  The books might include any prep you did to your own hair before going to the salon.  For example, if you go to the salon for a blow-out or an updo, you may arrive with pre-washed, towel blotted hair.  Make a list of any products you used.

Also, you may want to keep a list of any of the products the hairdresser used during the videotaping since not all video tapes have sound.

Other factors to consider include who will be doing the videotaping.  Obviously you can't videotape your own head while its being worked on.  You may not be able to take certain people into certain situations. For example, some salons will not allow visitors past a certain point without prior permission.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever videotaped your haircut or hairstyle before?  If so, I would love to hear the pros and cons you experienced with the process.

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