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Great Haircut Commandments

Everyone wants to get the very best haircut possible.  Are there tricks which can guarantee you a great haircut?

Yes, consider the following great haircut commandments listed below:

1. Avoid Getting Your Hair Cut On A Whim

Avoid getting your hair cut on a whim or because of an emotional trauma like a break-up or losing your job.

If you want to guarantee a disastrous haircut go to a new hair cutter at a new salon right after ending a relationship, a friendship, a job or any other emotionally upsetting experience.

2.  Do Your Research

If you are going to a new salon or stylist, do lots of advance research on their reputation.

Find several clear examples of haircuts you want to have created for your hair.  Make sure the images show the front, the back and the side.   Take some time before your appointment to look at a variety of hair sites on the web to get haircut and hairstyle ideas. 

3.  Be realistic.

If you show the hairdresser your images and they tell you that your hair type, texture or condition won't support the haircut you want, be willing to compromise and allow the hairdresser to guide you.  It's there job to help you understand what your hair can and can't do.

When possible select a haircut that works with and not against your natural hair texture, length, type and condition.  Some haircuts will require lots of styling products and time.  Make sure you have considered all the maintenance issues with the haircut you select.

4.  Go to your haircut appointment in your normal style.

A great hairdresser will want to understand how your hair cut will work for your lifestyle, the way you dress and your budget.  If you show up in a formal gown versus cutoffs and flip flops, your hairdresser may recommend a completely different hair cut for you.

5.  Take a trusted friend.

Discuss the haircut you want with your friend before your appointment.  Show them the images you are taking and ask their opinion.  Ask them to help you if the hairdresser suggests a haircut that is drastically different.

Be prepared to leave the salon if you feel you and the hairdresser are at odds and you feel you can not get a haircut you will enjoy.

6.  Arrive at that salons a few minutes early.

If you need to use the restroom, get something to drink or make a last minute phone call, finish your personal tasks before you step up for your appointment.  Be on time as a courtesy to your hairdresser.

7.  Put your cell phone on silent.

Avoid the temptation to use your phone to make calls or text message.  If you decide to use your phone to check Twitter or email, ask your stylist first if it will interfere with their work.

8.  Sit up straight while your hair is being cut.

Don't chew gum, cross your legs, fidget or fall asleep in the chair.  A little known challenge for hairdressers is trying to cut someone's hair whose head is nodding from falling asleep.

9.  Have hair cut before coloring it.

If you want your hair cut and colored at the same time, make arrangements to have your hair cut BEFORE you get it colored.  Show the hair dresser and the hair colorist the finished look you are going for so they can work together to create the ultimate look you want.

10.  Communicate with your hairdresser.

Politely but firmly give your hairdresser feedback.  If things aren't going as you expected ask questions or let the hairdresser know you are concerned or unhappy with the results.

Many salons will have some form of satisfaction guarantee policy but you have to let the salon know while you are getting the hair cut or the hair service that you are not happy for some reason.

11.  Ask For Post Salon Styling Tips

Before you leave the chair ask your stylist how to maintain the look at home.  Ask what styling products you should use and if any styling tools would help re-create the style.  Many people love the haircut they get in the salon but are unable to maintain it at home.

12.  Show Your Appreciation

When your hairdresser is finished, if you like their work with your new haircut, say thank you.  Show your true appreciation with a tip.  You may wish to give your stylist 15 to 20% or even more if you feel that they went way above and beyond.  Don't forget to tip the stylist's assistant 5 percent and the shampoo person $2 or more.  If someone is rude or unfriendly, you don't have to tip them if they don't deserve it.

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