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Curly Celebrity Hairstyles - Paulina Rubio

Paurlina Rubio Curly Hair

Paulina Rubio Curly Hair #2

International star Paulina Rubio offers beautiful examples of how to wear curly hairstyles with class and sass.

Paula has worked with Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves who styled her natural curls and waves for the Latin Grammy Awards.

Ken also coiffed Paulina's hair for some of her performances while she was on tour.

Ken loved worked with Paulina and told me she was "amazing" and her hair is "stunning.

Throughout her amazing performance career until the very present time, Paulina has continued to wear her stunning hair au natural.

Paulina Rubio Curly Hair #3

Paulina Rubio #4

This is true whether her curls are showcased in long lush ringlets and ripples (#1 and #2), worn up in a sassy pony (#4) or pulled into half chignons.

The star who married in 2007 wears her curly hair pulled back off of her face (#1, #2, #4) or in soft curls (#3) around her gorgeous face.

In images #1 and #2 Paulina's below-the-waist curls were styled to showcase the rich Bottecelli ringlets by pulling all of strands to one side of her head to show off her beautiful hair color and texture.

Her natural curls were the perfect accessory to her ultra sexy black lace gown.

In photo #3 Paulina's breathtaking natural curls are worn in a tighter pattern. This particular hairstyle was created for Paulina by Ken Paves for the Latin Grammy Awards.  Ken explained that when it comes to curly hair like Paulina's it is important to "work with your hair"and "not against it"  Ken says "depending on your hair type, you can easily achieve" curly hair all year long.

In #4 Paulina's natural curls were deconstructed and then pulled off her face into a soft pony.  An optional look for #4 would be to coil the tail of the pony into a nape hugging chignon.

To see me of Paulina's Curly Hairstyles visit her Hairstyle Gallery at  To discuss curly hairstyles visit the HairTalk Forum.

For more details on recreating Paulina's hairstyle refer to: Hair Tip: Paulina Rubio - Glossy Curls

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