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Ken Paves Is Celeb Hairdresser With Heart And Soul

It has been almost eight years since I first met celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves in Dallas, Texas at the former 17 Spa & Salon (since sold).

Ken had flown to Dallas with Jessica Simpson to work on her hair for a photo shoot with Seventeen Magazine.  Besides the long photo shoot, Jessica was also performing for the grand opening of the 17 Spa and Salon.

(Image of Celebrity Hairdesser - Ken Paves and his mom Helen Paves - Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved).

The blonde star took time to hang out with her fans, sign autographs and visit with some of the members of the Dallas police force.  Ken was there to make sure Jessica's hair always looked spectacular and he did not disappoint.  The man is an amazing hairdresser which explains his rise to the top in Hollywood and why he is so sought after.

Yesterday I caught up with Ken for a brief phone chat and he filled me in on his recent work in Japan with Jennifer Lopez and various charity projects he is spearheading with his long time client Eva Longoria.

Ken is continuing his commitment to work with children in need and to help raise money for very worthy causes around the world.

(Image of LR - Ken Paves, Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez at opening of Las Vegas Eleven Spa - February 11, 2009 - Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved).

Yes, he still does amazing hair (recently created some amazing hair styles with Jennifer Lopez, Paulina Rubio and Eva Longoria) but he is almost as busy helping people in need as he is with his other hair and beauty related works.

Ken always gives freely of his heart and his soul.

Three Days With Ken Netted Volumes Of Notes

After spending almost three days together in Dallas at that first meeting, I left my time with Ken with volumes of notes about his philosophies about hair, life and doing good work to help others.  Even better, I had gotten to know Ken as a person and I was taken with his devotion to his mom (Helen) and dad, his family (brothers, nieces, nephews and sister-in-laws) and his animals (dogs and cats).  Even more impressive was Ken's dedication to donating his time to charity events to help those in need.

Over the past seven years I have watched Ken jet around the world many times, but always make time for his friends, family and his charities.  He has inspired me to be more giving of my time to worthwhile charities and events.

(Image of Ken Paves in Las Vegas at 2008 Miss USA Beauty Pageant where he served as judge.  Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved).

When we were hanging out in the salon chairs back in 2002 at The 17 Spa the now very famous hairdresser and I talked about working on a long term project together.  Although the project has had a few false starts, Ken has never once forgotten me.  In fact, he has been unbelievably persistent about making sure we would do the project together.  Why?  Because he promised and any of his long time friends and clients will tell you, Ken Paves never forgets a promise.

More Humble, More Giving, More Loving

Because he has become such a big celebrity Ken has attracted the ongoing Internet and gossip chatter that most celebrities must deal with.  He has even gotten hit in the eye by the paparazzi because of his fame in the world of hair, beauty and celebrities.

However, fame has not really changed Ken.  If anything, it has made him more humble, more giving and more loving towards those less fortunate.  I am always amazed when I spend any time with him.

Most Talented Hairdresser I Have Met

While many may think they know Ken Paves, I have known him for seven years (going on eight) and he is one of the most talented hairdressers I have ever met.  I can say that, I went to Cosmetology school and have worked with literally hundreds of hairdressers over the years.  He also has a huge heart and is one of the most giving people I have had the good fortune to meet.

Although I write about Ken Paves and the celebrity hairstyles he is doing every chance I get, sometimes I forget to say thank you for the inspiration he has instilled in me over the past years to help me be a better and more giving person.  Recently adopted a Pug Rescue organization to help save pugs who have been abused.  Ken Paves inspired me to do this because of his great love his own dogs.

To Ken Paves, thank you for all that you do for me and for

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