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Jennifer Garner's Wavy Hairstyles How To

Jennifer Garner At Juno Premiere

Jennifer Garner's Wavy Hairstyles How To

Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck have recently announced that they are expecting their third child.  If history is any indication, the beautiful brunette who is famous for her wavy hairstyles, will be fashion forward through her third pregnancy.

The former Alias TV star is almost as famous her her beautiful hairstyles as she is for her movie roles, Red Carpet fashions and two beautiful children.

Jennifer is always coiffed in an amazing array of great hairstyles which primarily showcase her waves.

Wavy hair is a popular hair trend right now and has been for some time now.  Ms. Garner showed off some amazing waves at the Juno premiere.  She co-starred in the film with actress Ellen Page a few years back.

Jennifer was decked out in an very stunning strapless Gucci above-the-knee gown with her wavy hair parted down the middle, pulled back from her face and then pulled forward into undulating waves which barely brushed the top of her strapless gown.


She wore Neil Lane diamond and platinum earrings and a necklace. All that cool fashion was finished off with sexy Louboutin heels in a shiny black with black and red heels.  Jennifer is often styled by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe who keeps her looking stunning.

Steal Jennifer's Waves

Unless you're blessed with naturally wavy hair, creating "perfect" waves like Jennifer's requires some hair styling muscled.

Listed below are some Hollywood wave making secrets:

1. Jennifer's wavy hairstyle was most likely started as a "wet set" which helps to set waves so they form well and last a long time. The key to a wet set is to cleanse hair, add a good mousse or gel to help "set" the waves and then roll damp hair onto medium to large curlers. The hair is then dried under a big hood, soft cap or similar hair dryer or even dried with a blow dryer.

2. Each curl is uncurled to check for hold and then rolled around a finger, pinned to the head and sprayed with a firm holding spray. The curls are allowed to dry from any spray application.  For a softer set the hairspray is either a soft hold spray or is skipped.

3. After each curl is completely set it is unpinned.  If the curl isn't well formed it can be "touched up" with a medium to large curling iron. Any loose curls are then re-pinned into a loop to allow them to "set".

4. Once all the curls have passed muster, they are unpinned and then deconstructed with a 100% boar bristle Mason Pearson brush, or similar.

5. After the curls are deconstructed, they are formed into long loose waves.

6. A curling iron may be used to wrap the curls in a spiral form around the outside of the barrel. Then they are finger picked and arranged into perfect cascading waves.

7. The finished waves are sprayed with a light hold spray.

8.  Optionally they are swiped with a shine product for instant shimmer.

Viola....bullet proof waves guaranteed to hold up all night.

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