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How To Hair: Jennifer Lopez Rocks A Sleek Top Doorknob Knot

How To Hair:  Jennifer Lopez Rocks Top Doorknob Knot

One of the best things about the current Season of American Idol (AI) on Fox/TV is new judge Jennifer Lopez.

She is a perfect addition to kooky judge Steven Tyler and serious judge Randy Jackson.  Although Jennifer obviously agonizes over giving the AI contestants bad news or a review she handles her judging duties with grace, humor and total class.  Yes, I love her.

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Jennifer's Longtime Celeb Hairstylist - Oribe

If her obvious kindness in dealing with the AI contestants wasn't enough she always looks stunning.  Her hair, make-up and fashions are spot on.  Jennifer (who reportedly is not fond of the JLo moniker) has been working with master celeb hairstylist Oribe for many years.

Jennifer has naturally textured hair which tends to be wavy/curly.  However, with the long time wizardry of Oribe, her hair never looks frizzy, pouffy or untamed.  Her tresses are always stunning regardless of the length, hue or style.

Jennifer's mane man recently did an interview with Modern Salon Magazine and explained "Jennifer is a Leo, so she loves hair and she is a beautiful lady" with "a lot of personal style, and that definitely translates with her hair and the styles she chooses - she can pull her hair back, wear it wavy or ultra-curly,  she looks great with lots of sexy volume or with a simple, chic knot."

What's A Doorknob Hair Knot?

In a recent AI show Jennifer wore a gorgeous top knot which might also be known by some hairistas as a form of a doorknob knot.

What is a doorknob knot?  It's basically a hair knot which has been shaped to resemble a bulb style door knob.  Somehow a hair knot was dubbed a doorknob knot, when it had that bulb like shape and the name has endured.

(Image of American Idol Judges 2011 - Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson - Fox/TV - All Rights Reserved)

If you look closely at the photo of Jennifer you will see that her knot is positioned slightly in front of the crown of her head.  It's a tight knot brilliantly created on pulled back sleek hair.  It's really a door knob knot or is it just a top knot?  Does it really matter what it's called?  It looks gorgeous on the beautiful star.

Oribe who provided notes on how he styled the look used his Oribe hair care products available at  He started by applying his Gel Serum while Jennifer's hair was still wet.

He worked it through the length of her honey hued hair.  Keeping the hairstyle clean and polished Oribe then pulled the AI judge's hair up tightly into a ponytail at the crown.  Twisting the ponytail with Oribe's Gel Serum he created the final knot.  He secured the finished knot with pins.  Then he finished by spraying Jennifer's hair with his Superfine Strong hairstyle.

Oribe noted that shine is important for the look to be super polished.  Which is why he utilized his Gel Serum and Superfine Strong Hairspray to guarantee a beautiful finish.

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