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Thick Natural Curls


Heading Out Hair & Beauty Australia Make-up by Bernadette Fisher

Andrew Venosa All Rights Reserved

Naturally curly hairstyles can scale a wide range of styling options. Especially when the tresses are naturally thick and full.

The key to creating and wearing a naturally curly hairstyle you love is to be true to your own desires for creating an amazing hairstyle.

While there are certain opinions about how natural curls should or should not be styled, always wear your natural curls or texture the way you desire. Afterall, you are the one who has to wear your hair around on top of your head every day.

Combining Textures

Some curl experts believe you shouldn't alter your natural curl pattern or combine different textures together.

However, if you wish to amp up your natural curls by combining textures, by all means, experiment with a range of looks.

One example of combining hair textures (see model to the side) might include wearing a straight sleek fringe with loose natural curls cascading throughout the sides and down from the crown.

Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon Academy All Rights Reserved

Combining Natural Curls With Sleek Straight Panels

When combining natural curls with sleek straight panels of hair, you might wish to straighten the tresses first and then add back natural coils, curls or ringlets such as shown on the model above.

Diffuse Curls Adding Straight Sections

Or you could diffuse all of your hair allowing your natural curls to fall into a pattern of soft loose curls. You can then straighten target sections of the hair such as the fringe, the top or even the sides.

Sleek Long Bangs Plus Undone Beachy Waves

If you prefer, you can combine sleek long bangs with undone beachy waves. Wrap large random sections of hair around a straightening iron, then finger through to create loose, disheveled waves.

Remember to avoid using heavy hairspray since it can flatten curls while zapping natural bounce and movement. It’s better that your curls end up a little looser and free than too perfect.

Naturally Curly Hairstyling Options

Change Up Your Part

Heading Out Hair & Beauty Australia Make-up by Bernadette Fisher

Andrew Venosa All Rights Reserved

When combining multiple textures consider playing with your part as a focal point. Switching or centering your normal part can change the look of your face instantly, adding freshness to one's style.

If you're unsatisfied with long straight bangs, try creating a center part for a more finished look.

Add Color

Highlights and/or lowlights may help draw even more attention to a unique and fabulous texture mix shown by the model to the side.

The copper highlights carefully interwoven throughout the long straight fringe and the explosion of ringlets gives this hairstyle a beautiful edge.

One of the complaints some naturally curly people have is that they feel limited by their styling options.

If the idea of taking a straightening iron to the fringe area is problematic you can always opt for the latest clip-in fringes which are available in both human hair and synthetic. Even better, clip-in bangs can be heat styled, in some cases.

Of course if you prefer to incorporate the sleek straight bangs into your ongoing curly style, you can have the fringe relaxed or use a straightening iron on an ongoing basis.


Matthew Davidson at Mark Hill

Mark Hill All Rights Reserved

Headbands, hats, clips, and even clip-in hair flowers can be extremely flattering. If you wish to combine a sleek top with natural curls and ringlets, you can always utilize headbands to push the hair up and off the face and anchored by the band.

Of pull hair sleekly into a top of the head ponytail and direct natural ringlets down over the forehead like show on the model to the right.


Thick natural curls can be coiffed into a wide range of hairstyles including those that combine a range of textures or incorporate highlights, lowlights or various accessory options.

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