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Taylor Momsen's Hairstyle: Long Lush Layered Ringlets


"Dan de Fleurette" Pictured: Taylor Momsen as Jenny .

Actress Taylor Momsen burst into the scene when she first appeared on the wildly popular "Gossip Girls" (GG) on The CW.

The stunning blonde had a run-in with Chuck Bass played by actor Ed Westwick. During her run on the show her character has transitioned from a scared little rabbit to a street-savvy girl making pill-laden coats.

Taylor Momsen told the media neither she nor her character, Jenny Humphrey, really ever fit in to their social landscape. Taylor explained Jenny has been trying to fit in and it's "been her constant struggle" since the very beginning.

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Life imitates art and Taylor Momsen herself has been trying to fit in. She told "it's been kind of like that for me my whole life," she admits. "I've never really fit in anywhere. I've been to a lot of different schools and I've had a very strange life growing up. It was always a struggle."

Taylor not only doesn't want to be a good example for younger people, she really prefers to be doing music with her band, The Pretty Reckless, to acting. She has said acting is "easy" but music is "more personal."

During the first episode Sarah reunites with a lost love who is not fat, bald and works at a coffee shop. However, it ends well, sort of, and adds lightness to a heavy dramaesque show.

Of course while I was watching the show I was paying close attention to Taylor's hair which she famously wore in a range of long, lush layers during her reign as single mom Lorelai.

"Dan de Fleurette" Pictured: Taylor Momsen as Jenny .

As Sarah Braverman the lovely Taylor worn her trademark chocolate tresses in soft, tousled waves which cascaded down past her shoulders from a off-center part.

Her hairstyle for the first episode of "Parenthood" was a perfect selection because her softly layered hair helped to softly define the waves in her tresses. When Taylor was starring on "Gilmore Girls" it was reported she often enhanced her beautiful brunette strands with hair extensions.

Who could tell? I honestly believed the high energy actress was blessed with lots of thick strands which had gorgeous natural waves. Whether Taylor still wears extensions or not, her hair looks amazing.

Her "Parenthood" hairstyle had long layers cut into the interior of her hair and the perimeter was trimmed to prevent any bulkiness.

Back To Taylor's Long Lust Layers

"Dan de Fleurette" Pictured: Taylor Momsen as Jenny .

Taylor can rock long lush layers better than anyone because of her striking face, stunning eyes, stellar skin tone and luscious lips. Her current layered cut is slightly short on top and longer on the bottom to give the gradual layers.

The stunning star is known for wearing knit newsboy caps which are very flattering with her face shape.

Taylor also said "when you have short hair you can't hide." She noted "you have to accep who you are. It's a good thing!"

Taylor Momsen's Hairstyle 411

Over the years Taylor has worn her hair mostly in varying shades of blonde from light golden, to honey to her current white white platinum. She's also worn her tresses in a dizzying array of hairstyles from long and stick straight to full of ringlets, curls and waves.

Taylor has been to known to wear her tresses in alternating tousled and sleek styles ranging from shorter to very long. Her current long platinum textured style has become a fan favorite.

Changing up her current long ringlet hairstyle is as easy as changing the styling products she uses or cycling through a wide range of twists, knots, chignons, bun and hair accessories.

"Dan de Fleurette" Pictured: Taylor Momsen as Jenny .

For her recent GG appearances her hair has been styled in a finger tousled ringlet style. She has been know to wear her hairstyle brushed up and off her forehead with lots of body and some volume built in around the crown.

Sometimes Taylors likes to add a very thin headband to dress up her long texture infused hairstyles with great results.

For less formal off-camera events she often wears her hair more casually tousled and barely-there waves.

Hairstyle: Long Lush Layered Ringlet Hair Style

Taylor Momsen's smooth, volumized roots flow down into ringlet curls with piece-y ends right at the ends.

Taylor has been to know to utilize a range of wigs or add-on hair for her various cropped hairstyles. In the past Taylor has indicated she's worn fusion style hair extensions.

Hairstyle Color: Platinum Blonde Hair

Hairstyle Highlights/Lowlights: If you look closely you will see what appears to be tiny ribbons of slightly darker golden blonde lowlights interwoven throughout the ringlets giving them more depth, warmth and volume.

"How To Succeed in Bassness" Taylor Momsen as Jenny

Texture: Taylor appears to have medium thick hair with natural wave. Her long ringlet hairstyle is comprised of skillfully placed layers throughout the interiors and around the perimeters of her hairstyle.

Wearing her hair super long works with her natural waves and her heart shaped face. It's also possible Taylor has her hair enhanced with hair extensions and it's probably bleached.

Unfortunately hair as white as Taylor's requires lots of deep conditioning treatments to keep hair re-moisturizefd.

Fringe: Taylor generally wears a fringe and more often than not her hair is side-swept.

Sometimes Taylor's hair is brushed off her hairline in such a style no obvious part is clearly visible. She also plays with soft peaks of hair along the hairline brushed up into an edgy bump.

Face Shape: Taylor's face shape is classic heart shape with a pointed chin, wide cheek bones and wider forehead.

Taylor has gorgeous eyebrows and big blue eyes. A side-swept fringe is great for a heart shaped face.

Hairstyle Works Best: Taylor's hairstyle works best for tresses which are shoulder length or longer either all one length or with layers. The reason is because some length is required for ringlets to be well defined.

The best texture for recreating this hairstyle is hair with some natural ringlets, slight curls, bend or natural waves.

Of course tight curls could work with this hairstyle if they can be loosed into ringlets. This hairstyle can be copied with or without a fringe. However, a fringe would be problematic for those with naturally curly tresses.

"How To Succeed in Bassness" Taylor Momsen as Jenny

Hair Tools Required: This style is best created when hair is dried with a round boar bristle brush or with a blow dryer and a long finger diffuser.

Optionally it can be wet set and either hood or air dryed and finger tousled.

You will need a 100% boar bristle round brush, long tail comb, leave-in conditioner, defrisant, styling spray and/or cream, sculpting hairspray, shine spray and/or serum drops. You will also need either hot rollers or a curling iron to create the ringlets.

Hair wax is optional for creating different the piec-y end textures.

If you want lots of volume you may want to consider using a volumizing program with shampoo and root spray.

To add strategically placed volume, fullness and/or length you may wish, if your base hair is long enough, to play with clip-in hair extensions, clip in fringes or a clip-in pony for a completely different look.

Steal Taylor's Hair Style

This style is idea for long length (shouleder length) or longer (BSL) or classic length tresses which are medium to thick.

Follow the steps below to re-create Taylor's tousled long lush layered ringlet infused hair:

Start with a precision hair cut which is all one length or with very slight layers throughout.

1. Start by washing your hair in lukewarm water with a product designed to add back moisture and to treat colored or highlighted hair with tender loving care.

"The Sixteen Year Old Virgin" Taylor Momsen as Jenny

2. Rinse hair well and then apply a moisturizing rinse-out conditioner focusing the products on the areas of the hair that are most dry or damaged. If your hair is fine or thin you may wish to skip this option.

3. For extra conditioning substitute the rinse-out conditioner with a deep conditioner that is allowed to soak down into the hair's shaft.

4. Finish with a cool/cold rinse to lock in moisture and add additional shine.

5. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Apply a conditioning detangling spray or leave-in conditioner and detangle strands with a wide tooth comb working from the ends to the roots.

Use a long tail comb to create desired part. To copy Taylor's look create a side-part and direct fringe to one side.

Optionally you may create either a center or side part, depending on how you wish to style your hair.

Note: If your hair is prone to frizzing apply a defrisant product or mix with your other styling products. Many celebrities are big fans of Phytodefrisant.

6. For fullness, lift and sleek volume throughout the crown, apply a volume enhancing product to the roots. Distribute a curl or texture enhancing mousse to the rest of the strands distributing from below the roots to the ends.

"The Sixteen Year Old Virgin Taylor Momsen as Jenny

7. Separate strands into 2" sections and blow dry with a boar's bristle round brush. Blow dry the top sections of hair using fingers to lift individual top strands and direct the air flow from ends to roots to blow up.

Note: If hair is naturally curly, do not use fingers to blow dry since this can add to frizz. Use a boar's bristle brush instead. Or you may prefer to use a long finger diffuser.

8. When hair is completely dry, spritz the strands from the earlobes down with hairspray or a styling spray.

9. Separate hair into one-inch sections.

Lift each strand from the ends of the section and wrap the strand tightly around the small part of a 1" to 1 1/2" curling rod without a clamp. Or wrap around the outside of the clamp.

Note: The smaller the barrel of the iron, the tighter the ringlets.

10. Hold iron in place for a few seconds to set the curl.

11. Release the newly formed ringlet curl from the iron.

"The Sixteen Year Old Virgin" Taylor Momsen as Jenny

Re-roll the new ringlet around your finger and carefully pin it to your scalp to allow it to completely form and cool.

12. If you prefer use hot rollers and roll in a ringlet pattern.

13. After all the ringlet curls have been completely cooled, spray with a firm holding spray. Remove each curls one at a time.

14. Use fingers to arrange ringlets. To loosen them, pull gently on the ends of the ringlets. The more you pull the loosed they will become and could even transition into loose waves (see Taylor to the side).

15. Apply a shine serum, shine spray or hair cream to seal in moisture and add a soft shine similar to Taylor's.

16. A final spritz of hairspray is optional.


Taylor Momsen has her eye on a music prize. Although she's been very successful acting on CW's "Gossip Girls" her heart really belongs to music and her band, The Pretty Reckless.

"The Sixteen Year Old Virgin Taylor Momsen as Jenny

She told "I've done an album. Music is where I can be me. I really do it because I love it, honestly. It's what I want to do with my life. I mean, it's my only goal." She also feels it's more personal and true to her real nature than acting is.

The good girl next door has transformed over the years on GG to a real bad girl. The actress who is still in her teens undoubtedly will continue to transform not only in her acting parts but in her music.

What's next for Taylor? She told she's finished an album and she is very excited about releasing her music and moving forward towards her dream of doing rock and roll.

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