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Summer Hair 2008 - Brilliant Sexy Sassy Hair


Audrina Patridge Side Pony MTV - The Hills

When I started working on one of the first things I did was try to figure out how to predict hair trends for all the upcoming seasons.

Like most people, I looked to the fashion runways of the world to see what the fashionistas were wearing down the catwalks and thus would assume that would be the trends.

After getting egg all over my face a few times, I realized that while the catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York and Miami offer lots of great insights, most women don't wear a size two, have perfectly chiseled cheekbones or have a celeb hairdresser at their fingertips to create edgy short haircuts, perfectly scissored fringes and bangs or luscious layers.

Audrina Patridge Side Pony MTV - The Hills

A very dear friend of mine who has been in the high fashion world forever and lives in New York can rarely find a great hairdresser to cut her long hair into great layers.

Thus my theory about hair predictions is to take everything I see in the glossies, on the runways and the hot fashion mags with a big grain of salt.

Watch The Celebrities For Hair Trends

What I do pay attention to is the celebrities.

Why? They have to look great all the time because that their job. Even in their off screen time they are constantly followed by papps and spotted by fans.

If they have a bad hair day it is on the cover of the tabloids in a matter of hours. Just think what happens when they gain weight, lose weight or suddenly change their hair color, length or textures.

As Summer 2008 rapidly approaches I have been making note of some hair trends that I believe will be most likely to be popular during the fun in the sun months that are literally weeks away.


Lauren Conrad Side Pony 2008

Yes, ponytails seem to be a good bet for the 2008 Summer Hair season. Forget the ponies that are composed of hair that is first blow dried stick straight and smoothed with glossers and shine serums.

When the heat of summer hits, who wants to deal with hot air blowing against their strands or faces? The most likely style is a wide range of ponytails crafted from hair allowed to air-dry and then are twisted in a wide variety of styles.

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Sleek, high fashion ponies might show up at night for parties of other evening events, but the majority of ponies will be fun, flirty, fresh, sexy, sassy and just downright easy and breezy.

Ponytails will be adorned with all sorts of flowers, which are huge in Paris right now.

Lauren Conrad Ponytail 2008

Decorative Pony Elastics

Look for the return of fabulously decorated pony elastics in bright colors. Bows, butterflies and barrettes are also going to be popular because they allow a lot of creative license with creating those twisted ponies.

Look for side ponytails to be popular for both day and evening wear. Don't believe me?

Check out the lovely Audrina and Whitney on MTV's The Hills. Both wear a variety of chic ponytails with Audrina looking downright steamy with her raven hued strands wrapped in a variety of over the side tails.


The Simpson girls love them and so do the girls on The Hills. Braids are easy, fun and can be worn as simple accents along the face like Lauren Conrad likes to do, or they can be the main hairstyle worn in a single or multiple plaits.

Besides allowing hair to be worn soft and sensual, braids are no muss, no fuss when summer heat turns steamy.

Hair Rolls

Whitney Port With Hairline Rolls 2008

Look for a few strands along the front of the hair line to be picked up and rolled and then pinned into place. This removes hot strands from close proximity to the face and creates a sizzling new look. Whitney Port of the Hills has been seen with this look and so has Lauren Conrad.

As the Summer heats up, look for ponies to be wrapped into coils and pinned up and held in place with clips. For evening, ponies may be worn down with a few curls or waves added to the ends or sleek and straight.

Natural Textures

Since natural hair textures such as waves, curls and bends are popular, look for more air dried hairstyles where natural texture is allowed to dominate the look.

A great look that is sure to be popular is to plait damp strands out of the shower into soft braids, allow them to air dry and then remove the braids for punched up waves.

Whitney Port With Hairline Rolls

Hair On The Side

Even if hair isn't wrapped into a side pony, it might be brushed all to one side for a chic sophisticated styles. Random strands may be pulled out to nestle around the face providing a flirty style without lots of heat generating hair covering the face.

Skinny Headbands

As the hot sun sizzles overhead skinny headbands, especially in bright colors or adorned with flowers will be popular. Not only do they keep hot tresses off the face and forehead, they are the perfect compliment to bright sunny days.


Summer 2008 hair will be soft, sassy, sensual and fun. The pony and variations of it will reign supreme. So will a variety of natural textures looks, tousled twists pinned up, accent and full braids and hair will definitely go on-the-side.

Overall hair will be soft, pretty and off the face.

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