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Lose Weight for Summer Step 2

I've finally mastered step 1: water, water, water.

And if I do say so myself - I've managed to come up with some pretty good concoctions to make the water tastier.

My favorite is... 

Lose Weight for Summer Step 2Letting a batch of strawberries and lime pieces soak for about 20 minutes - followed by cucumbers and oranges, and my third favorite kiwis and cherries. Lose Weight for Summer Step 2

Even my co-workers know to order a large bowl of lemons for me when dining out together. So proud of myself in fact - I've thought of ordering a Girl Scout badge sporting a big water drop. While that's in the works...on to Step 2: No Sugar. Which unfortunately means I'll have to throw out the Girl Scout cookies I acquired while ordering the badge.  

Lose Weight for Summer Step 2After giving up teas, sodas, and alcohol, I soon noticed a growing trend: every sugar form known to Lose Weight for Summer Step 2man had started cohabitating on my desk, in my car, and in my loft. Cookies, cupcakes, bon bons, m&ms, skittles, milkshakes, you name...I have it. I've even managed to sneak in a stash of marshmallows near the tub for an extra relaxing candle lit bubble bath.  

So Step 2 is officially in full-swing as of right soon as I'm done with the Ben and Jerry's I happen to be eating while I type this...thank goodness for Phish Food.

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