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Lose Weight Instantly With Clothing

Introduction - Lose Weight Instantly With Clothing

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Celebrities know all the tricks to instantly appear to drop 10, 20 or even 30 pounds in a few days for a major Red Carpet appearance.

Yes, they do wear lots of body shapers such as {{asin=B003H6DCCC,text=SPANX In-Power Line Super Higher Power Power Panties Shapewear}} , but they also know the best way to dress to lose weight instantly with clothing.

Yes, body shapers will help tremendously including, but not limited to, power slips, uplift shapers, slimming panty hose or tights {{ASIN=B000IDET4W,text=SPANX Bodyshaping Tight-End Tights 128}} and tummy toning or spot toning bras, panties or similar.

Tips To Lose Weight Instantly With Clothing

One of the best ways to instantly appear to have dropped weight include the following clothing tips:

1.  Stick with one color from head to toe.{{asin=B008Y4AN3I,text=Le Suit Lush Valley Skirt Suit}} You may even wish to select hair accessories, jewelry or similar in the same color palette. Why?  When you wear one color from head to toe it creates a streamlined image and you'll lose weight instantly with clothing.

Womens Tailored Suit In Dark Olive Women's Tailored Suit In Dark Olive

2.  Achieve the proper scale with jackets.  A long slim jacket worn over a form fitting dress, skirt or slim pant will create the illusion of slimmer hips, thighs and waist.  When possible wear tailored jackets and clothing.  When clothes fit properly they enhance a streamlined appearance.

3.  Avoid pleated skirts which may instantly add weight, especially those in large prints or patterns.  If you must wear a pleated skirt for some reason, select one in a solid color and match with a tailored jacket in the same color.

4.  Steer clear of frilly tops, dresses and jackets.  Clothes embellished with ruffles, big bows or other frilly accents will appear to add pounds in all the right places.

5.  Opt for longer skirts with classic side or back slits.  Shorter shirts instantly add pounds and will showcase larger thighs, hips and legs.  A longer skirt with a front slit can enhance the legs.  Selecting the proper skirt is a classic way to lose weight instantly with clothing.

6.  To extend a body slimming line always match tights and shoes with skirt and/or pants.

7.  Opt for long boots {{asin=B007VOO1R6,text=Jessica Simpson Women's Keaton Knee-High Boot}} to instantly slim ankles, legs and calves.

8.  Dump your big cluttered handbag like the {{asin=B008PUUMJG,text=Large Slouchy Hobo Handbag}} A big bulky handbag will instantly add weight to just about any body type.  This is especially true for top heavy women who may look even heavier with a bag which is larger than 10 or 13 inches in width or height.  On the flip side, avoid super dainty bags.  Opt for a handbag that is medium sized and sleek.

9.  Know your body type (apple, pear, combo) and minimize bulk by keeping larger areas covered.

Jessica Simpson Long Boots Jessica Simpson Long Boots

10.  Follow Jessica Simpson's famous body lengthening secrets and wear heels as high as you find comfortable.  Avoid flats whenever possible.  Flats will add weight.

11.  If you have a large bust look for minimizing details like pockets, buttons or other slenderizing embellishments.

12.  Disguise soft arms with long sleeves or jackets and/or little sweaters over halter tops or short sleeve dresses.  Skip cap or short sleeves.  Opt for V necks which draw attention away from less then slender arms.


While it always best to eat healthy, exercise and follow a consistent weight loss and/or maintenance program, there are times when everyone needs to lose 10, 20 or 30 pounds quickly.

If you're getting ready to go to your high school reunion, attend a wedding or meet old friends, there are lots of way to lose weight instantly with clothing.

Follow the tricks above to use color to create a much slimmer silhouette without dangerous crash diets.  You can also avoid taking diuretics or other unhealthy herbs or drugs.

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