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Show Off Hair Accessories When You're Expecting


A great benefit of pregnancy is often a new growth of lush locks that are begging for chic new styles and some fabulous hair accessories. Go ahead, indulge your newfound tresses with some spectacular styles and matching hair accessories for an instant fashion boost. One of the hottest hair trends to hit the hair ways in recent years is the ever elegant, yet simple, bun.

Note: All images in this article by - hairstyles by Barbara Lhotan - photography by Eric von Lockhart - all rights reserved.

Buns, twists, chignons and hair knots generally work for most hair types, textures and lengths except super short chops and crops. Even short styles can be slicked back into a faux bun with a little practice and creativity.

Not only are these styles generally quick and easy to construct, they can be dressed up or down in an instant. Yes you want to look your very best but flexibility is a valuable commodity for any mother-to-be.

Start With A Basic Pony

A great way to play with different styles and matching accessories is to start with a flirty ponytail as your basic casual daytime hair wear. Whether you wear your pony high up on your crown or at the nape of your neck, it is a good starting point for new styles.

For a change of pace take one strand of your own hair and wrap around the elastic band to create your own ponywrap consisting of your own locks.

Ditch the traditional elastic band and substitute with one of the hot new hair slides (Shown above - Rectangular Slide from France Luxe in Onyx). For a classic look, try one of the hot new long Smoothies barrettes from Intuition that will hold your hair snugly in place at the nape of your neck.

Instantly glam up your daily ponydo by adding a spritz of styling spray and wrapping your hair into a sleek Ballerina bun. Slide a ethereal twist around the base of the bun or add one of the new ragtie hair twists.

For a more sophisticated look, decorate simply with a set of high sparkle Swarovski hairpins, alligator or claw clips.

If you prefer a trendier, less formal style, opt for transforming your daytime pony into one of the new French Twist big buns (shown to the side) that softly hugs the back of your head in a messy version of a traditional twist.

Create the big bun by using a wide toothed comb and gently backcombing your ponytail to create fullness. Carefully twist your hair into the desired shape. Use hairpins the same hue as your haircolor and anchor the hair with the top of the bun resting gracefully near the top of your crown.

Loop one of the sizzling new HairLoops around the base of the bun, letting the shiny beads freely cascade down.

Twists and buns offer the added benefit of keeping heat producing strands off the back of your neck. If your expectant hormones are running rampant, twisting your hair up off your face will offer an instant heat reprieve. Not only will you look cool, you will feel absolutely fabulous.

If you prefer to wear your hair down but want a dressy look, try the soft twisted up/down style that shows off a simple hair rolls that nestles on top of a soft cascade of hair.

Decorate the half roll with a bit of Bling. Attach an Austrian Crystal or pearl encrusted clip or barrette to anchor and decorate. (Pearl & Austrian Crystal barrette from collection).

This half roll style offers an endless array of style options. If you have more time to play, use a curling iron to create big loopy curls or waves. Experiment further by taking the cascading strands and craft a soft three strand braid that you can wear down or pinned up underneath the roll.

Remember to select hair accessories that work well with your hair type, texture and condition. Fine or thin hair may be too slippery to hold a barrette but a decorative comb with teeth will work fine. (To the side - France Luxe Euro Comb in Onyx).

French style hair pins that have open ends will nestle beautifully into thick, curly or wavy strands but may not achieve appropriate traction in straight or silky styles. Be prepared to experiment and improvise.

Dressing Up Crops & Chops

If you prefer to wear your hair in a super short crop, never fear, there are tons of gorgeous accessories that you can enjoy as well.

For casual daytime wear, finger tossle your hair and attach one simple but elegant accent clip or mini barrette along the hairline or to one side. A small set of matching combs or jaws can do double duty to anchor hair as well as give it a classy look.

Instantly dress up any short style with one of the sensational retro style L. Erickson silk ribbon 1 1/2" headbands (shown above) in gorgeous Dupioni Silk or Charmeuse.

Select one of the wider 2" L. Erickson bands and wear it close to your hair line for a seductive scarf look.

Tarina Tarantino Silk Orchid Bobby Pin Amethyst/Lt. Amethyst

Or select a thinner version and wear if a few inches back from your hairline to instantly jazz up your style.

If headbands just don't work with your overall fashion image or your hair's length and style, consider adorning your hair with one of the season's gorgeous silk flower hairpins or clips.

Flower accessories are blossoming in all types of spectacular colors, sizes and fabrics. Even better the gorgeous floral pieces can be easily attached to just about any hair length or texture.

Stunning Swarovski crystal pave silk Orchid Bobby Pin from the famous Tarina Tarantino accessory collection - image courtesy of Tarina Tarantino - all rights reserved).

Note: To read more about Tarina Tarantino designs check out: Tarina Tarantino - Famous Hair Accessory Designer.


While hair accessories can range from casual to ultra dressy, it is important not to overdo it. Limit your style to just one spectacular focal piece or a smaller set of matching pieces. Make sure that your earrings and necklace compliment rather than compete with your hair accessories.

Even more importantly, be creative and have fun. Now more than ever is the time to experiment and enjoy all that life has bestowed upon you and your future bundle of joy.

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