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Short Hair Job Requirement: Lauren Holly


Lauren Holly 01-18-06

Rumor has it that the producers of TV's hot Navy crime drama, NCIS, wanted Lauren Holly as part of her job requirement for her current role to crop her shoulder length lush red strands into a short hair style.

Lauren joined the top rated show in the Fall of 2005 as NCIS Director Jenny Shepard who is a former flame of Jethro Gibbs and now his boss.

When she first appeared on the show, her hair was just past shoulder length. Part way into the first season, Lauren appeared in an episode with an ultra short choppy razored style.

Her new drastic short hair cut was actually part of the TV plot. Dialogue was included about her new hairstyle and whether or not Jethro Gibbs, the former love, had noticed her spiky new hair style.

Being an avid short hair style watcher, I was riveted by the way Lauren's hair transformation from below the shoulder to super short and choppy, was part of the show's plot lines.

It actually appears that Lauren did cut her hair short as a result of the producer's request.

Lauren Holly 12-19-05 All rights reserved.

Images of Lauren getting cropped appeared on the Web through Entertainment Tonight. In fact, you even had the option to purchase some of the images if you were so inclined.

Although Lauren went from long to super short for her role, this is not the first time that the Scorpion actress (October 28, 1963) from Bristol, Pennsylvania has made a significant length shift.

Since Lauren started her acting career as a guest star on Hill Street Blues back in 1984 she has adopted a range of hues from blonde, brunette to ruby red, lengths (very long to very short) and styles from stick straight to wavy.

Landing on the popular ABC soap, All My Children in 1986 she captured many hearts as Julie Rand Chandler before leaving for good in 1989.

Making a fatal acting error, she turned down the role of Pet Detective with unknown comedian Jim Carrey and watched fame and fortune follow Courtney Cox Arquette instead.

Not wanting to make the same mistake again, Lauren signed on with Jim Carrey for Dumb And Dumber and not only did her career soar, she fell in love with leading man.

Lauren Holly 09-18-06 All rights reserved.

After a long romance and a rocky, short lived marriage, Lauren continued acting in a string of TV and film roles. She made a big splash on TV's Picket Fences and then found a home for a few years on the popular Chicago Hope.

Although she had a small role in What Women Want with Mel Gibson, she looked gorgeous in the role and this lead to other acting opportunities including acting in Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot which won rave reviews.

Shortly after, she married her current husband, an investment banker and settled down with a ready-made family of adorable adopted little boys.

In press interviews before her first appearance on TV's NCIS Lauren reported that the was thrilled to be reunited with Mark Harmon, whom she had worked with before (Chicago Hope) in a previous series.

Although Lauren was not a stranger to a super short cut when she went under the knife for her job on NCIS, my favorite short hair look that she wore was back in June of 2000 at The Best Buddies 8th Annual Benefit dinner (see image below) for people with developmental disabilities.

Lauren Holly June 2000 All rights reserved.

At that point her hair was a hue of strawberry blonde and she had a blunt cut bob that ended parallel with her chin. Lauren has basically a heart shaped face with a well defined chin. The short blunt cut bob balanced her chin and with full below-the-eyebrow dusting bangs, the style made her eyes pop. It was a short hairstyle that was along the same lines of a short spikey style that she wore on the red carpet in February of 2000 for the premiere of The Whole Nine Yards.

Lauren who has a dark version of natural blonde hair has run the gamut of colors. Her fans over the years have been very vocal about what styles look good on her or not.

Her style is ideal for medium to thick strands. To maintain the shape it will be necessary to have any new growth removed every four weeks or so.

While there are no hard and fast rules about which short hair style works best for individual face shapes, work with your hairdresser to adjust the style to flatter your own face shape.

Steal Lauren's Style

Lauren Holly 09-18-06 All rights reserved.

Lauren's current short cut, which was performed in conjunction with Entertainment Tonight and not her regular hairdresser, was most likely created with a combination of scissoring and razoring to create a layered shape and to reduce bulkiness.

If you look closely you will notice that there is a hint of contrasting textures at play here. The barely-there fringe is soft and etches finely into Lauren's forehead directly subtle attention to her eyes.

The sides huge the face line but gently expand into a fuller shape behind the ears where the shape merges with the spikey top and back.

The beauty of a short crop like Lauren's is that there is no right or wrong way to style.

Start with your favorite shampoo and rinse out conditioner. Remember that if hair is colored or chemically treated that it is important to use supportive hair care products.

To get extra lift and volume either use very little rinse out conditioner or use one designed to add volume. Finish with a cool or cold water rinse to close the cuticle and help build in natural shine and fullness.

Apply a firm holding mousse, gel or similar product to towel blotted damp strands. For extra volume apply a volume enhancing product to the roots.

Use fingers or, if you prefer, a vented brush to rough dry using a blow dryer. If you prefer, use finger scrunching and lift individual strands to build in volume.

Once hair is completely dry apply a tiny bit of wax to fingers and pinch the very tips of the strands to get lift and definition. if you prefer a soft look, finish with a styling cream and/or hairspray. For extra shine apply a tiny bit of shine spray, drops or cream to the palms of your hands and light brush over the tops.


Since Lauren is a professional working actress it is not really all that surprising that she had to go with a drastic short cut as part of her job on the sizzling NCIS show. Her role as The Director requires an image that telegraphs a no-nonsense approach. Her new cut definitely fits that bill.

There is no doubt that Lauren has met her professional responsibilities to go with a short cut that enhances her job performance.

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