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Prom Romance: Updos


While some styles for 2001 are heavily tied to jagged little chops and messy spikes, there is definitely a move back towards more romance with hair. Curls and waves are desired for formal evening styles. There is also a movement towards soft, silky fabrics, elegant netting, romantic chocker necklaces and sensuous evening wraps.

Although Baby's Breath is no longer as hot as it used to be, flowers are blossoming everywhere in hair, on necklines and waistlines. Roses and gardenias are especially hot. Large satin ribbons are being added as the final touch to gorgeous dresses as both neck and upper shoulder adornments.

In many ways the some of the gorgeous romantic updos that will be seen for Proms and Weddings this year are a less poofy more modern version of the Gibson Girl styles from the turn of the 20th century. The Gibson Girl styles were hot from about the 1900s to the 1910s when they were looped off by the bobbed look.

If you love the soft sensuous looks of satin, silk, lace and ribbons, then you may enjoy recreating a 2001 version of the beautiful and elegant Gibson styles.

Steps For Creating Romantic Updos

The key to these romantic updos is to create height and fullness at the back of the head.

These styles are wonderful for anyone with naturally curly or wavy hair. The look can work for any age or face shape and is a great way to tie together softness and romance.

To successfully duplicate these styles your hair must be long enough to make a topknot. This requires hair that is a little longer than shoulder length. It is important to make this style as loose and soft as possible.

Although it is strongly recommended that these styles be created by a hair professional, if you are prepared to practice and arrange assistance from a friend, you should be able to create a similar style.

As always, "day old" hair is easier to work with and hold the style better. If your hair is not naturally thick or full, use a good volume enhancing shampoo and gel when you shampoo. Blow dry your hair with the air flow directed from the ends to the roots to get maximum lift.

If your hair is not naturally curly or wavy, use a 2" curling iron or hot curlers to get soft, full sausage type curls all over your head. Allow your hair to completely cool before completing the styling steps.

STEP 1 - Brush or comb your hair to make sure that all knots and tangles are removed. You may want to add a few drops of jojoba oil to the palms of your hands and smooth over your head to control dry or flyaway strands.

STEP 2 - Brush your hair like you are planning to form a ponytail. Place one hand at the crown to loosely hold the ponytail hair in place. You are going to form a soft loose knot at the top of your crown.

STEP 3 - While holding the ponytail with one hand loosely wrap the tail of the ponytail around your hand holding the ponytail. As you wrap you will form a loose knot.

STEP 4 - Pull the tail of the ponytail through the newly formed knot.

STEP 5 - When you have pulled the hair through the knot, tuck the ends into the middle of the knot and then secure with pins that are the same color as your hair.

STEP 6 - Using a pick or your fingers, carefully loosen the hair around your new knot to give it a soft, full look.

Note: To get a really full look, before you create the ponytail, bend forward at the waist, brush hair from the nape of the neck forward and then lift your head upright. Smooth the hair lightly and then create the soft knot. This will give your hair more lift and fullness.

STEP 7 - Once you have the soft look that you desire for the knot, pull some hair loose around the front of your face and create ringlets or tiny sausage curls. You can lightly tease the hair to get the "angel hair" look shown above.

STEP 8: When you are finished with the style, decorate with tiny rhinestones or a subtle dusting of colored glitter and then set the design with light hair spray. If you want to add extra hair shimmer add a tiny drop of shine product to the palms of your hands and then glide carefully over the sections of hair that have been stenciled.

Make Your Own Romantic Hair Pattern

The beauty of the different designs shown in this article is that they can be modified to suit your own needs.

You can dress up your finished updo with a beautiful rose pinned to one side of your head. You can select a rose or large flower that is a perfect match for your dress.

If you prefer you can decorate with hair jewels. This style can be dressed up with one of two jeweled hairsticks or hairpins anchored at the front of the crown as shown above. The hairsticks or hair ornament can be used as a type of centerpiece for the look.

Adding curls to your bangs or around your face adds even more romance and glamour. You may want to experiment with different sizes of curls around your face and crown.

Finishing The Look

If you are going to add hair jewels to highlight your look fresh flowers or gorgeous hair sticks, place them in your style last, after you have applied any sprays or gels. Be sure to carry a few extra bobby pins and a small bottle of hairspray to help you maintain the look throughout the night.

Top off your look with a gorgeous chocker or evening wrap. Enjoy!

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