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Prom Hair Sleep Over Party


AJ Michalka

Plan The Ultimate Prom Do

Last year I had a personal shopper for the largest prom dress boutique in the Dallas/Fort Worth area tell me that all the great prom gowns are gown by right around Martin Luther King's birthday every year.

If you're wondering when that is, it's generally the third Monday of January.

That information may seem strange but if you plan on buying a brand new prom gown, registering it with your school to prevent others from copying your gown and getting it custom fitted the date is realistic.

Which means that October is not too early to start thinking about your Prom hairstyle and gown if this is a Prom year for you.

One great way to kick off Prom planning is a Prom Hair Sleepover. You can plan your ultimate Prom hairstyle then select a gown to fit with your ultimate Prom hairstyle. Or vice versa.

Although some Prom experts say you should select the dress first, why not think outside the box and build your Prom look around your hair and make-up?

There are so many great ways you can celebrate your upcoming event with your friends. While there is no time requirement for your Prom Sleepover, ideally it would be before the first of January so you have time to make your prom gown selections at your leisure.

AJ Michalka

Here are some must-try ideas to have a fabulous Prom Hair Planning Party

1. Decorate your house or the party area with balloons, streamers and other Prom decorations.

If you already know the theme for your Prom then decorate along those lines. Or select a theme from a Prom based movie you love and decorate to match the movie. You can also select a color theme and then make the entire party revolve around that color.

2. Serve Prom themed goodies.

Pizza, nachos, dips and chips are always a hit. Cupcakes with mini-tiara decorations would be a cute prom related idea. And speaking of tiaras, why not buy several inexpensive tiaras for everyone to wear at the sleepover?

Consider taping hidden numbers under each little tiara and have inexpensive party gifts such as inexpensive nail polish, lip glosses or similar beauy items to give to each gift based upon the tiara they pick.

3. Play Prom themed movies or music in the background.

There are tons of Prom movies to choose from including the following classics:

AJ Michalka

1. Pretty In Pink 2. Never Been Kissed 3. 10 Things I Hate About You 4. She's All That 5. Napoleon Dynamite 6. Carrie - Warning - A blood and guts movie.

4. Do some scrap booking.

Ask everyone to bring some magazines with images of Prom gowns and Prom hairstyles. Have empty notebook or similar with scissors, tape and glue and make Prom look books with your dream gowns, hairstyles and matching accessories. Do a show and tell.

5. Glam up the party with a hair makeover station.

Have hot irons, bobby pins, clips, hot rollers and similar available to play with hair and try on potential Prom hairstyle. Ask guests to bring their favorite hair accessories and have an impromptu fashion show.

Warning: While washing, blow drying, curling and ironing are a great way to play with hair, resist anything permanent such as cutting, coloring or similar.

6. Keep Sleepover Party Organized

Keep the party small enough so everyone can interact. Ask everyone to bring a sleeping bag unless you have enough beds or couches available. Specify what the guests should wear. Ask in advance about possible food allergies to make sure you don't serve anything that could be troublesome.


Jordin Sparks

If you have natural texture there are options you can select to temporarily go straight and sleek ranging from use of hot tools to popping on a lace front or similar wig.

Keep in mind that when you mess with your natural texture there is always a risk of damage or disruption to your natural texture profile.

Evaluate all your options carefully before proceeding with a trip down the silky smooth lane.

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