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Prom Hair 2007 - Steal Cameron Diaz's Sexy Messy Updo Hairstyle


Cameron Diaz The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards Press Room 1-09-07

Cameron Diaz is a Hair Style Pioneer. The former model and multi-talented actress wears her hair the way she wants to. The Charlie's Angel star is always in the news for her latest looks.

In the Fall of 2006 Cameron made news when she dyed her trademark butter blonde tresses a sultry dark chocolate hue. In September she appeared at Justin Timberlake's Album Release party for Futuresex/Lovesounds with long lush chocolate tresses worn straight and shimmering sleek.

In January she rocked the People's Choice awards in a short and flirty baby doll gown with her hair worn up in a very sexy messy twisted updo. Her hairstyle worked perfectly with her above-the-knee flirty black shimmering gown giving the illusion that she had just rolled out of bed.

Well sort of. Obviously her gown and matching accessories were carefully selected to show off the native Californian's long legs, beautiful skin tone and gorgeous face. As always, Cameron was eye popping, mouth dropping gorgeous.

One of the best parts about Cameron's sexy updo is that with a tiny bit of practice, it can be copied for the prom and look smashing.

Since the trend for updos is definitely soft and deconstructed, Cameron's style could be the hottest hairstyle going.

Steal this Style

Cameron Diaz The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards Press Room 1-09-07

Cameron's messy hairstyle can work perfectly for anyone with an oval or mostly oval face shape. For round faces this style can work by adding more height around the crown and wearing the sides closer to the face.

Cam's style can also be adjusted to work with with any face shape as long as it is modified appropriately.

For example, if you have a heart shaped, long or rectangular face, avoid adding too much height at the back of the crown and consider wearing a soft side-swept fringe to balance the face.

If your face shape is square or you have a prominent jaw, pulls some strands from either side of the updo around the face line and let dangle loosely to soften the jaw line.

Prom goers with super short strands can "cheat" Mother Nature by pinning in a HairDo clip-in extension for "instant" fullness and length at the back. Once the clip-in is positioned, pull it back into a soft messy knot ala Cameron.

This look works best with hair that has been washed and has lots of styling product or with "day old" hair. Some people believe that freshly washed hair may be too soft to hold your style. Only you can decide if you prefer freshly washed tresses prepped with good product or hair that is "day old".

If your hair is naturally thick this style is a natural look. To get the same look with thin or fine hair be sure to use volume enhancing shampoo and gel before attempting this look.

Step By Step Instructions

Cameron Diaz The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards Press Room 1-09-07

To copy the sexy messy updo that Cameron Strong is wearing in this article, perform the following steps which is based on freshly washed hair:

1. Begin by washing hair with shampoo designed for your type, texture and current condition of hair.

If your hair tends to be dry, select a super moisturizing shampoo formula like Robert Hallowell's Shine Booster Shampoo which celebrity hairdresser Robert actually uses on many of his celebrity clients.

Other formulas you might try include Phytojoba or one designed for colored hair like Phytocitrus. For ultra dry or super fragile strands, use the dry hair formulas and dilute the shampoo for extra gentleness.

Note: If your hair is long or prone to damage, consider either washing hair with conditioner only, or diluting the shampoo formula to save wear and tear on your strands.

2. For hair that is dry, damaged or chemically treated, follow the shampoo with a rinse-out conditioning treatment.

Apply your favorite rinse-out conditioning product. Robert Hallowell's Prawduct - shine booster conditioner is an excellent rinse out conditioner for all hair types.

Cameron Diaz The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards Press Room 1-09-07

3. Be sure to match the product to your hair type, texture and condition. Work the conditioner into the driest parts of your hair. Leave on for up to five minutes. Rinse well. Finish with a cool to cold water rinse.

4. Towel blot hair (do not rub) and gently squeeze excess moisture.

5. Detangle hair with fingers or a smooth detangling comb and create desired front part.

6. Apply a cocktail of leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz products. For soft hold, apply a mousse. For extra hold apply a gel or gel/mousse product. Distribute well from roots to the ends.

7. Let hair air dry until 80-90% dry. If you wish, sit under a hood dryer or use a blow dryer on low speed, cool air to remove excess moisture.

Cameron Diaz The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards Press Room 1-09-07

8. Working from one side of the head to the other separate hair into approximately 2" strands. Use a large round boar's bristle brush with your blow dryer to build in lots of fullness and volume working on one section of hair at a time.

9. Once each section is dry, roll it with your fingers into the shape of a barrel curl and pin against your scalp to cool in place. Continue drying the rest of your hair until it has all be dried and pinned into big loose curls.

10. Let hair completely dry in the big curls. Spritz with firm holding hairspray. Let hairspray dry.

Ones to try: Rene Furterer Instant Hold Finishing Spray, Robert Hallowell's Rawhold Hairspray.

11. Carefully remove all the pins holding the curls in place.

12. Use a boar's head brush to lightly break up the curls. The idea is to break up the curls without losing the newly created volume.

13. Use a wide tooth comb, hair pick or fingers and create a side part like Cameron's and separate out the hair in front that will be worn in the side-swept fringe.

Note: If you prefer, you may wear your hair with a full frontal fringe or with a fringe parted in the center. Or you may skip a fringe if you desire.

Cameron Diaz The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards Press Room 1-09-07

14. Carefully brush the rest of your hair back to form a soft ponytail with the base a few short inches below the crown of your head. Hold the base with one hand and then gently push the rest of your hair up towards the crown to form a soft lift.

15. Attach a "hair friendly" elastic band like a Bungee or Blax to the base of the ponytail remembering not to make it too tight. Make sure that the ponytail rests high enough at the back of your head so that you can wrap it into a bun.

16. Take the pony section of hair and wrap it clockwise over the top of the ponytail base forming a soft coil or loop or hair. Pin the newly formed coil or loop into a bun. If possible use the same colored pins as your hair color.

17. Once the bun is pinned to your satisfaction and is very secure for dancing, use your fingers to gently pull a few loose strands from around the edges of the bun like Cameron's style. Notice that she has a few strategically loose strands along the top of her crown, along the sides and along the back.

18. For sexy shimmer, apply a drop or two of a shine serum like Phyto's PhyoLisse, Rene Furterer's Spray Gloss or Robert Hallowell's Love That Shine Drops to the palms of your hands. Rub the serum into the palms and then lightly glide over the top of the style to add instant shimmer and shine.

19. Spray well with hairspray like Phytolaque or Jessica Simpson’s favorite Phytolaque Soie made with real silk to give an extra glossy look to the style.

Cameron Diaz The 33rd Annual People's Choice Awards Press Room 1-09-07

20. Attach any desired hair accessory to the finished style. Because this is such a unkempt style, if accessories are added, they should be small to avoid detracting from the style’s ultimate design.

Note: Remember to always attach accessories last after all styling products have been applied to avoid damaging delicate accessories.

21. Feel beautiful. A beautiful woman is just as much about self-confidence as the way that she wears her hair.


Messy buns come and go but a version of them always remains popular. Why? The look is so incredibly versatile that it can be designed to be up-to-the-minute in style. It is also easy. What could be more fun that making a mess?

Messy updos and buns are also incredibly soft and pretty and can be customized with hair jewels, hair sticks, ribbons, feathers, flowers or just about anything that grabs your fancy.

The messiness scale can swing from a few messy stands to a full blown mega-messy look. The look works for Prom, formal events and weddings. Any face shape can carry off this look. Hair that is chin length or longer can easily be molded into a variety of messy styles.


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