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Prom Dress Styles - The Slit Is It For 2010


Jennifer Aniston Gerard Butler 2010 Golden Globes Award

Every year the Golden Globes and The Academy Awards set the stage for hair, beauty and gown trends for the rest of the year.

2010 was no different with the young and hip stars showcasing some of the latest hot fashions.

Jovani Beaded V Neck Jersey Gown 14264 Right Slit

Several of the most beautiful and popular stars like Jennifer Aniston, Marion Cotillard and Anna Paquin rocked the red carpets with gowns featuring side or front slits.

When you have gorgeous gams, a strategic slit embedded into a long gown can be peek-a-boo sexy and offer a spectacular option for showing off your best assets.

The best body types for wearing a slit gown are athletic, slender and toned.

Bodies with long legs are also very compatible with slit dress styles. If you've got it, flaunt it. Always consider your best attributes as you shop for your dream Prom gown.

Keep in mind that slit gowns may have slits on the left, right or even down the middle. The slits might be incorporated into a form fighting or softly flowing gown. It's rare to find a slit in a full ball gown skirt, but I'm sure anything is possible.

Gorgeous Slit Prom Dress Options

Jovani Strapless Beaded Ballgown With Slit - 201006 Black Top/Eggplant Bottom Right Slit

One of the things that always impresses me about Jovani is the fact their Prom dresses are always right on track with all the hottest fashions.

Jovani Strapless Beaded Ballgown With Slit - 201006 Black Top/Eggplant Bottom Right Slit

Famous for creating some of the most gorgeous gowns in the entire world, Jovani has added some incredible slit gown options to their Prom 2010 collections.

The Jovani Strapless Beaded Ballgown - 201006 - combines several great features into one gorgeous gown.

It's strapless top shows off the neck, shoulders and bust line.

The black beaded bodice is combined with a flowing ball gown long skirt which is flattering for women of all sizes and can be tailored to highlight your assets and minimize flaws.

The detailing where the top meets the gown's skirt will help to naturally slim the waist area and direct attention to that sexy side slit.

Jovani Strapless Beaded Ballgown With Slit - 201006 White Top/Black Bottom Right Slit

To accentuate a smaller top, a tight-fitted corset or bodice that drops to the waist and falls at the skirt is suggested.

Jovani Strapless Beaded Ballgown With Slit - 201006 White Top/Black Bottom Right Slit

Gown Slits In All Colors

Another trend at the 2010 Golden Globes was the appearance of bold and vibrant gown colors ranging from popular plums, purples and eggplants to pinks, reds, gold and silver.

Vibrant blue was also in wider appearance.

Of course black gowns and the Little Black Dress (LBD) were still present but the big news was the gorgeous jeweled tones of purple, blue, red and yellow.

Select A Slit Gown To Work With Your Natural Coloring

When selecting a gown with a slit, remember to select a color which works best with your skin tone, eyes and hair.

If your heart is set on a vibrant purple, but it doesn't work as well with your skin tones, go with a two tone gown with a color on top which complements your hair and skin tones and opt for a skirt in the color you love.

Jovani Animal Print Corset Gown With Slit - 14317 Right Slit

Be willing to think outside the box in order to select the colors you love to wear.

Jovani Beaded Corset Satin Gown With Slit 151672 Right Slit

Keep in mind that a slit gown will fall open against your leg so you want to consider how the color of the skirt will work against the skin tone on your legs.

Hairstyle For Slit Prom Dress: Simple And Sassy

Whether you wear your hair short, medium or long, the key with a slit is to avoid drawing attention away from the sexy slit.

Jennifer Aniston wore her hair down with a side-swept part and just a tiny hint of curve throughout the edges.

Jen's hairstyle is similar to the one displayed on the Jovani Strapless Beaded Ballgown With Slit shown to the side.

A finished ponytail will also work, as demonstrated in the Jovani Ballgown in eggplant (above).

The key is to remember to avoid wearing your hair to detract from the gown.

Jovani Sleeveless Scooped Neck Draped Long Gown With Left Side Slit 157800 Left Slit

Hairstyle Color: Any

The key is to select a gown that works with your current haircolor.

Jovani Black With Blue Accents Gown With Slit 49619 Left Slit

Hairstyle Highlights/Lowlights: One trick celebrities often use is to select a gown which will have a subtle effect on their highlights and lowlights so that the color all ties together.

Some celebrities achieve the same effect with well chosen hair accessories.

The key is to consider how all the colors work together and make sure you keep the focus on the slit area.

One of the biggest challenges with any prom gown is making sure that everything works together in harmony and nothing is detracting from the overall image you are working to make.

Accessories For Slit Prom Dress: Minimal

While gorgeous earrings, a great bag and shoes work fabulously with a slit gown, keep your other accessories minimal. Necklaces or bracelets might detract from your overall image.

The Leg Is The Thing: If you are going with a slit dress like Jennifer Aniston did at the 2010 Golden Globes, remember that a beautifully groomed leg is key. Make sure you plan to have your legs waxed for a perfectly smooth skin surface to show off.

Jovani Sleeveless Scooped Neck Draped Long Gown With Left Side Slit 157800 Full Frontal Slit

Remember that waxing or shaving may cause a rash or reaction. Be sure to shave in advance to allow for any rashes to calm down.

Wearing The Right Shoe: Anna Paquin also wore a slit gown to the 2010 Golden Globes but got poor marks for pairing her stunning golden gown slit up the middle with black chunky heels.

Make sure the show you select is perfectly paired with the color and style of your gown. If you opt for peep toes, be sure to select a complementary polish.

Jovani Patterned V-neck Gown 8456 With Slit Right Slit

Your polish doesn't have to be matchy matchy but make sure you select a hue that is in harmony and doesn't class. You may or may not desire to match your fingernails and toes with the same hue.


A slit gown for Prom can definitely be a scene stealer.

When you go with a well-place slit make sure you allow it to be the center of attention and complement it with the proper shoes, toenail polish and beautifully groomed legs.

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