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Prom 2008 - Short Hair Ruffled Comb Over Hairstyle!


Hair by Suzanne Martin Three Small Rooms Barrie, ON

This short hair Prom style was created by hairdresser Suzanne Martin from Three Small Rooms in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. This dramatic ruffled over comb over hairstyle was featured as one of a series of spectacular hairstyles in the Professional Beauty Association's NAHA* awards.

The style was created by hairdresser Suzanne Martin and featured in a series of spectacular hairstyles at NAHA. Suzanne created the style with precision and designed it to give the impression of "just off the Runway" sophistication. It's a style you might expect a supermodel like Kate Moss to wear.

Because this short dressy Prom hairstyle is so dramatic in its own right, avoid utilizing any accessories that might break up the spectacular lines. If you wish to accessorize, do so with an ultra skinny headband in a starkly contrasting hue.

Even better, consider accessorize with striking highlights applied in random ribbons radiating from the center of the scalp outward.

The hairstyle is dressed up for the Prom with one side panel back combed into a fluffy confection and then directed up and over the top of the head in a comb over fashion. The ruffled combed over section of hair is sprayed heavily with hairspray to give it staying power.

The sides of the bob are cut to be worn sleekly nestled over the ears with the ends notched to create a slightly irregular line.

The beauty of this hairstyle is how easily it can be created. The key to re-creating this style is to find a hairdresser that can re-create the basic sleek bob haircut. The faux updo style is sleek and elegant as well as fresh, young and edgy.

Step By Step Instructions - Short Hair Ruffled Comb Over Hairstyle

Listed below are the detailed steps you should follow to recreate this spectacular Ruffled Comb Over Prom Hairstyle:

  1. Shampoo hair with product designed for your specific type, texture and current condition of hair. Consider using color enhancing products such as shampoo, conditioner or styling formulas to punch up highlights, lowlights and make contrasting hues pop.
  2. Finish shampoo treatment with a rinse-out conditioning product designed for your hair type, texture and condition.
  3. Complete the final rinse with cool/cold water rinse to close cuticles.
  4. Towel blot hair to remove excess water.
  5. Apply detangling or leave-in/detangler and working from the ends to the roots, carefully detangle strands. Create desired parting which requires a side part to achieve the edgy lift.
  6. When hair is completely detangled, apply a styling cocktail that includes a mixture of leave-in conditioner and/or styling cream or mousse. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you may wish to apply a straightening balm or defrisant.

    Hair by Suzanne Martin Three Small Rooms Barrie, ON

    Note: If your hair requires extra hold you may wish to apply a styling glaze and/or gel in addition to a leave-in product.

  7. Use a blow dryer fitted with a concentrator tool which is set on medium heat and a small boar's bristle vent, paddle or round brush. Separate hair into 2-4 inch sections with one hand as you direct the heat "down the shaft" from the "roots to the ends" with the blow dryer.

  8. Continue to work completely around your head from side to side working with individual sections until the entire head has been completely dried and straightened.
  9. Create a very deep side part that extends from the hairline back towards the crown over one ear. The majority of the hair on the other side of the part must be directed up and away from the part like a traditional comb over.
  10. Separate the top comb over hair that grows away from the part into 1/4" sections. Using a brush or a comb designed for teasing or back combing start to back comb the individual sections to get lots of fullness. After teasing each section, spray well with firm holding hairspray. Continue to separate top hair into sections and use fingers to arrange so hair appears to be brushed up and over the top of the hair like a traditional comb over style. Continue to use hot iron on all sections. Note: Adjust the height of the teased top hair section according to your desire. You may wish to experiment with back combing smaller sections and smoothing them or ruffling them with your fingertips.
  11. After you have finished backcombing the top hair section and have smoothed it up and over the top of the head, flat iron any remaining side hair so that it flows forward towards the chin and nestles into the side of the cheeks. Use your fingers to "shape" and "mold" the finished updo. When satisfied with the shape, if desired, use tiny bobby pins the same color of your hair to anchor any desired sections to the scalp. Use as many bobby pins as necessary. Note: Remember that this style is designed to be "sassy" and slightly messy Use your own judgment creating a final shape that works best with your hair type.
  12. Sweep the remaining front hair into a long eye brushing side fringe. Use a flat iron to get a sleek finish .
  13. When hair has been completely pinned and is ready to be finished, spray the entire head with a firm hold hairspray.
  14. Finish with a light application of shine spray or drops carefully palmed over the top of the waves to prevent them from getting too much product which can make hair greasy or oily. Remember, a little goes a long way.

This style looks stunning with a retro style gown like the one shown above.


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*NAHA is presented by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), a non-profit association that represents the interests of the professional beauty industry.

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