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Paula Rubio Hair: Natural Curly Girl Who Loves Her Curls


Paulina Rubio

Naturally curly girl Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes (born June 17, 1971 is a Mexican singer and actress.

Rubio achieved international stardom with her fifth studio album, Paulina (2000), and has sold over 21 million albums. Rubio placed as the 7th most successful Latin Pop Song Artist of the last decade per Billboard Magazine.

As Rubio says "I have been famous since I was born", as she is the daughter of Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes and Enrique Rubio, a lawyer. Rubio was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Rubio has a younger brother named Enrique.

Naturally Curly Girl Who Loves Her Natural Hair

If you're a fan of Paulina's you may have witnessed her constant hair changes ranging from massive clouds of ringlets and curls to curtains of bone straight tresses.

Paulina loves her curls and in a past interview she said "my hair talks a lot about my character, the way I am. It's wild and imperfect. Sometimes I wear it curly, sometimes I prefer it straight. I like it curly best because that's the way my natural hair is."

Seriously, could Paulina be more gorgeous or have prettier curly tresses?

Steal Paulina's Style

Whether you have natural curls like Paulina or not, follow these steps to recreate Paulina's ringlet infused style:


Start by cleansing your strands the night before a big event with a shine enhancing shampoo such as one of the popular products from Phyto. If your hair is damaged or excessively dry, consider doing a dilution wash, conditioner only cleanse (CO) or water only.


Paulina Rubio 5th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Los Angeles, California 2004

After rinsing strands completely, gently squeeze out water. Apply a leave-in conditioner. Or if your hair is super dry or damaged, opt for a deep conditioning treatment.


Rinse conditioner from strands and finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close the cuticle and amp up natural shine.


Towel blot so that hair will be completely dry by morning. Detangle from the ends up to the roots with a wide tooth comb. Separate hair into 2-3 inch sections.

If your hair is naturally curly, apply a straightening balm to each individual section to smooth curls and block any frizz. Comb the balm completely through the strands from roots to ends. Get a good night's sleep.

If your hair is straight or wavy, apply a styling mousse for dry damaged hair. Set hair in self adhesive or similar rollers. Sponge or rag rollers will also work. All the various curlers will add curls.


If hair is naturally curly, in the morning upon waking apply a dime sized amount of shine serum, cream of spray to the palms of your hands mixing well. Take the palms of the hands and distribute it through the strands, avoiding the root area.

Paulina Rubio

If curlers were added the night before, remover curlers and add the shine serum as well.

Ken explained that this is essential for fragile natural curls like Paulina's. A good shine serum locks in moisture and adds a beautiful glossy finish.


Separate strands into 2-2 1/2" sections. Starting at the back of the head, near the nape of the neck, gently twist each strand in a clockwise direction while curling the twisted strand from the middle of the strand to the ends around a medium sized curling iron.


Continue to twist and curl strands from one side of the head to the other. To guarantee that the ringlets are tight and bouncy, after you release each new curl from the curling iron, pin against the scalp to cool.


Once you've finished curling the middle to end section of every strand, start again at the nape of the neck and curl all of the same sections from the roots to the middle of the strand. This will help to form a uniform ringlet from roots to ends.


Paulina Rubio

Allow tresses to completely cool. Use fingers to arrange the newly formed curls. If desired, tousle lightly. Spritz with a firm hold repairing hair spray.


Paulina's curls continue to shimmer even though she took a little time out from her spectacular career to get married and have her first child.

On April 30, 2007, the beautiful curly girl married Spanish public relations executive Nicolas Vallejo Najera "Colate" in Xcaret, a park on the Mayan Riviera in Cancún, Quintana Roo.

On Sunday, November 14, 2010, Paulina and her husband Nicolas Vallejo-Najera welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Andrea Nicolas Vallejo-Najera Rubio.

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