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Paula Patton Spills Mission Impossible Secrets

Paula Patton

Paula Patton Spills Mission Impossible Secrets

Actress Paula Patton co-stars in the new Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol as an agent who kicks some serious booty.

Paula appeared on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee and discussed how she had just had a baby when she had to get in shape to play a spy.  At the time she got the role her son was just 5 months old.

Paula said even though she had just had a baby with husband Robin Thicke "they hired me anyway and I wanted to do all my own stunts.

I had to do a lot of physical training, which got me back in shape (from the baby) which was a good blessing."

Role Was A Long Shot

The beautiful actress admitted that getting the role was "a long shot" and she told them "come on guys, don't waste my time" because sometimes they bring in all the actresses, they want to see everyone.  At the time Paula didn't they they were really serious about her for the role, but the producers wanted her and "kept pursing her" for the role.

She said she never thought in a million years she would get the film.  Brad Bird was the producer on the film. Paula said JJ Abrams was also one of the producers and he was "very nice to her."

Ultimately Paula had to audition with Tom (Cruise) for the role.  She had to do a screen test with Tom.  She loved meeting him and working with him and said "he's so kind and really willing to share the spotlight" with her and the other actors in the film, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg.

On The Edge Of 124th Floor In Dubai

Paula shared her reactions to working on location in Dubai on the 124th floor of a very tall building.  Paula said "there a moment when Tom falls and Jeremy (Renner) catches Tom's legs and I catch Jeremy's legs. And when we began that they whole window cut out and I was far back away from it and I could wear a harness because my dress was so tight and so a stunt man was holding onto my ankle, but by the 6th take we were so close to the edge.  I saw Tom and he was like "hey Paula, how you doing?"

She said that Tom has "no fear in him at all" when doing the stunts in the movie. She said "I have more fear than he has, for sure, and I'm inside."  Paula said while he was hanging out of the window on the 124th floor "he was smiling.  He loves it."

How does Paula balance a very busy acting and appearance career with a young child who is almost 2 years old and a busy celebrity husband?

The actress said "I'm very thankful, I have an amazing mom. Honestly, I couldn't do any of it without her.  She's my angel.  Don't get me started, I'm all chocked up for the Holidays.  But you know what it is? As you ladies know, you just get less sleep and you figure it out.  You just put one foot in front of the other.  And he's the most important thing in the world to me, my son.  You just put him first and everything else just kinda falls into place."

How do Paula and her husband keep their relationship hot?

Paula said "Desire.  The truth is that we all have ups and downs in our relationship but we have an intense passion for each other and somehow we don't want to be with anyone else so we figure it out.  And he's pretty cute you know.. so...."

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