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Hair Growth Hidden Danger - Triclosan


Triclosan IUPAC Name - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

Triclosan IUPAC Name Wikipedia All Rights Reserved

If you've been diligently trying to naturally grow your hair longer, but having unexplained difficulties, there may be a secret reason.

The secret reason? Triclosan. This popular antibacterial has specific properties which may be causing your hair growth difficulties.

The FDA recently announced studies regarding triclosan which is found in just about everything from antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer to toothpaste, cosmetics, shampoo, hair care products, clothing and plastics.

Other locations where triclosan lurks? Plastic cutting boards, stay fresh finishes on sports clothing, socks, towels and bedding.

According to an article in First For Woman magazine, "government researchers found evidence of triclosan in the urine of nearly 75 percent of the people they tested."

First For Woman quoted Paula Baillie-Hamiliton, M.D., Ph.D. author of {{asin=B000EPFVV4,text=Toxic Overload}} who states "triclosan is a toxic organ chlorine chemical that has been registered with the EPA as a pesticide since 1969."

Triclosan Can Block Healthy Hair Growth

This ingredient can cause the blockage of healthy hair growth due to the fact, according to Hamiliton, that "preliminary studies suggest that it acts as an endocrine disrupter, impeding thyroid function and impairing metabolism."

It's a well-known fact that when the thyroid or the endocrine system is disrupted there can be life altering symptoms including the potential for unexplained hair loss, stunted hair growth, skin breakouts and even potential chronic hair growth disruptions.

HairTopia™ Hair Nutrition & Growth Support Program

HairTopia Hair Nutrition & Growth Support Program All Rights Reserved

Other Triclosan Symptoms

The threat of a compromised thyroid or endocrine system due to exposure to triclosan is very dangerous. However, triclosan has also been found to cause other problems besides slowing down or potentially stopping natural hair growth due.

The chemical is also considered the cause behind brain fog, mood swings, weight gain, unexplained fatigue, unexplained headaches and other life challenging conditions.

Triclosan is stored in the body as fat. This means when fat is burned the chemical may be broken down and released into the bloodstream.

Blocking Triclosan Effects On Thyroid, Metabolism & Hair Growth

The good news about discovering the impact of triclosan is that it's exposure can be minimized.

Read the labels on every product you use in order to potentially block triclosan from entering your body. If you can limit the exposure to triclosan you can also minimize the disruption to your thyroid and natural hair growth cycles.

If a product lists triclosan on the label, look for an alternative product which doesn't have the ingredient.

First For Woman pointed out in a 2009 report by the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Products that an estimated 25 percent of lotion which contains triclosan is absorbed directly through the skin.

This known toxin dissolves readily in fat, so oils on the skin and in lotion help usher the chemical directly into the bloodstream and the body. Which is another good reason to start reading labels.

Strengthening Your Body To Block Triclosan Symptoms

Image of Tomato - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

Tomato Wikipedia All Rights Reserved

Another plan to avoid triclosan damage is to eat a healthy and nutritious food plan which supports healthy hair growth.

Taking vitamins specifically designed to strengthen and stimulate natural hair growth cycles like HairTopia is another great plan of defense.


If you've been trying to naturally grow out your hair and experiencing stalled growth challenges, the cause might be linked to triclosan toxicity in your body. This is especially true if you've been a big user of anti-bacteria soaps, plastics or hair care and related products which utilize triclosan. While exposure to triclosan may not be the key culprit for everyone, it certainly needs to be considered as a possibility. Why? It's known to cause thyroid and endocrine system deficiencies. A sluggish thyroid and/or endocrine system has been proven to be a definite factor in slow or stalled natural hair growth.

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