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Hannah Montana's Hair - Steal Her Hairstyle


Miley Cyrus Coiffed as her pop-star alter ego On Hannah Montana ABC Disney 2006

Miley (Destiny Hope Cyrus) is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus who gave his daughter the nickname Smiley which eventually morphed into Miley.

Born on November 23, 1992 in Franklin Tennessee, Miley is already a very talented singer, song writer, actress and performer and is most famous for her role as Hannah Montana on ABC's Disney Channel.

Ironically, in the show Miley is an average teenage girl who's dealing with typical high school life by day but has a secret pop-star alter ego by night.

When Miley morphs into her rock princess alter ego her hair and clothing instantly transform from girl next door to sizzling hot blonde babe.

Her natural chocolate brown wavy strands are replaced with stick straight tresses ablaze with major white blonde highlighted chunks and honey blonde lowlights.

Miley Cyrus Coiffed as Girl Next Door On Hannah Montana ABC Disney 2006

Miley - aka Hanna - has a heart shaped face which is balanced by a soft fringe that brushes along the top of her eyebrows and extends from a center part which builds volume along either side of her face.

When appeared as the rock star, her make-up is turned up several notches to play off her brilliant blonde hairdo.

Whether Miley as Hannah wears a wig, hair extensions or a combination of the two, nowadays it is easier than ever to steal Hanna Montana's rock star hairstyle.

If your hair is already long, work the temporary straightening angle with the right products, a great brush, blow dryer and straightening iron.

If your natural hair is short, you can instantly extend it with another blonde rock star's line of hair extension systems.

Blonde superstar Jessica Simpson and her celebrity hairdresser, Ken Paves, translated Jessica's rock superstar hair into a series of instant snap on hair extension caps that can take short hair instantly long and lush like Hannah's.

If you prefer a system that is not built on a cap or you would like to add on top of a cap system for lots of super thick strands, you can supplement with a POP (Put On Pieces) system.

Steal Hannah Montana's Rock Star Hairstyle Instantly

Jessica Simpson HairDo 22" Clip-in Straight Extension 2007

Transform your hair into Hannah Montana rock star tresses in 10 minutes or less with Jessica Simpson's 22" Clip-in Straight Extension.

All HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems, synthetic or human hair, instantly transforms short hair into luxurious below-the-shoulder long hair.

The system consists of one multi-level contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with individual weft (hair) sections.

Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.

How To Add HairDo Hair Extensions

Miley Cyrus Coiffed as Girl Next Door On Hannah Montana ABC Disney 2006-2007

Follow the directions below to easily add one of the HairDo Clip-in Extensions:

1. Wash, dry and style hair into stick straight tresses to match the HairDo clip-in hair texture.

2. Create a short center part to match Hannah's hairstyle and add a forehead fringe which can be worn straight across or brushed to one side.

3. Using a comb with a long rat tail, create a vertical part just below the crown (at the back of the head) which extends from temple to temple. Pin the top section of hair up on top of the head with a large salon style clip.

4. Wrap the bottom strands of hair into a secure circular bun. Pin well to hold hair in place.

5. Unclip a few pieces of hair from the top of the head along the section where the hairpiece will clip into the natural hair. Lightly backcomb tresses where the extension is to be clipped into place.

Jessica Simpson HairDo 21" Human Hair Clip-in Extension 2007

6. Add any of the desired clip-in styles or opt for the 21" long Human Hair extension from the HairDo Collection attaching it right at the newly created part.

Note: The advantage to the Human Hair extension system is that it can be washed and heat styled straight, curly or wavy. It can also be chemically treated with hair color or highlights. This is not the case for the synthetic clip-ins.

7. After the color matched hair extension piece is clipped into place release the hair clipped on top of the head and allow all of the pinned up hair to cascade down over the top of the clip-in HairDo hairpieces.

8. Use your fingers to carefully arrange and finish the newly created style. Wear the add-on hair cascading down past your shoulders ala Hannah Montana style.

Note: The Synthetic HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems are available in a variety of color levels. These extensions have been specially processed so that they hold the gorgeous waves. The entire HairDo line is available at

HairDo Options

POP 14" Extensions in Palest Blonde

If you prefer to go with individual wefts but still wish to create Hannah Montana's long lush locks without spending years growing your hair you may prefer the POP - Put On Pieces System.

The POP systems consist of several different wefts which can be quickly and easily integrated with your natural hair.

The disadvantage to POP is that unless you have applied POP in the past you may need assistance from a friend, family member or your hairdresser to achieve a consistent result.

Steal Miley's Straight Hair Style With Styling Products

If you already have long hair and wish to get stick straight strands just like Hannah Montana you can also achieve the results with hair styling products, hot tools and the proper brush.

Hannah's gorgeous straight hairstyle can be customized to work with just about any face shape, hair type or texture although it is much easier to create on hair that is medium to thick tresses that is naturally straight.

Step By Step Instructions

Jason Earles as "Jackson Stewart" Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana 2006-2007

Follow the steps below to re-create Miley's gorgeous stick straight style if your hair is straight or naturally wavy.

If your hair is naturally curly you may wish to blow dry your hair straight and start with Step 8 below.

Start with precision layered long strands. Work with your hairdresser to achieve the correct basic long layered cut. Be willing to modify the style depending on your face shape, hair type, length and texture.

1. Begin by washing your hair in lukewarm water with a product designed to add back moisture and to treat colored or highlighted hair with tender loving care if your hair is highlighted and low lighted like Miley's.

Be sure to use a color maintenance system to extend the life of your gorgeous hair color.

2. Rinse hair well and then apply a moisturizing rinse-out conditioner focusing the products on the areas of the hair that are most dry or damaged.

Note: If your hair is fine or thin you may wish to skip this option.

For extra conditioning substitute the rinse-out conditioner with a deep conditioner that is allowed to soak down into the hair's shaft.

4. Finish with a cool/cold rinse to lock in moisture and add additional shine.

5. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Apply a conditioning detangling spray or leave-in conditioner and detangle strands with a wide tooth comb working from the ends to the roots.

Jason Earles as "Jackson Stewart", Miley Cyrus as "Hannah Montana" and Billy Ray Cyrus as "Robby Stewart" 2006-2007

Note: If your hair is prone to frizz apply a defrisant product or mix with your other styling products. It has been reported in the media that many celebrities are big fans of Phytodefrisant for their naturally curly or wavy hair that tends to frizz.

6. If you desire lots of fullness, lift and volume along the crown area, apply volume enhancing product to the roots.

7. Separate strands into 1" to 2 1/2" sections. Apply a straightening gel or similar product. Distribute well from the roots to the ends.

8. Blow dry straight with a boar's bristle paddle brush. Blow dry the top sections of hair using fingers to lift individual top strands and direct the air flow from ends to roots. Use the brush to anchor each strand to create stick straight strands.

Note: If hair is naturally curly, do not use fingers to blow dry straight since this can add to frizz. Use a boar's bristle brush instead.

9. When hair is completely dry separate into individual 2" strands. Use a straightening iron to touch up any sections that are not stick straight.

Miley Cyrus as "Hannah Montana" and Billy Ray Cyrus as "Robby Stewart" 2006-2007

Work your way around the entire head of hair with the flat iron touching up any strands.

10. When the entire head is flat ironed let hair completely cool.

11. Use your fingers to carefully arrange strands into the desired style.

12. Apply a shine serum, shine spray or hair cream to seal in moisture and add a shimmering shine just like Miley's.

Hairspray is optional. You may also want to personalize your style with your favorite hair accessory. Miley is a big fan of crystal encrusted barrettes and hair clips.

Additional Styling Options

You can play with a variety of styling options ranging from a wide range of parts, fringe designs or tousled up styles. Pull one side of hair up and behind one ear. Pin with a sparkly hair clip or barrette.

Slide on a gorgeous headband or smooth hair into a high pony or add some edgy accent braids.


Miley Cyrus in her private life channels her alter ego of Hannah Montana. Recently her concert tour created major waves when ticket brokers forced ticket sales from affordable levels to as high as $1000. Everything Miley does is turning to gold, including her stick straight Hannah Montana rock star tresses.

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