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Daryl Hannah Blonde Hair Secrets

Daryl Hannah is well-known as the beautiful blonde actress who stared as the naive but loving mermaid with Tom Hanks in Splash (1984).

Ironically the long tressed Daryl also co-starred with the recent comeback kid Mickey Rourke in The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984).   She also was charming with Steve Martin in Roxanne (1987) as well as acting in an endless list of movies.

(Image of Daryl Hannah - Lou Adler Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony - 04-06-06 - - All Rights Reserved).

Her most recent big screen success was co-starring in the wildly popular Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2.  Daryl planned Elle Driver and her performance was praised in the film.

Besides her ongoing acting career with four films currently in Post Production Daryl is an activist fighting against Global Warming and helping to educate the message of going Green.

Daryl is also a vegetarian and has been one since before she was in her teens.  Daryl recently joined with   other anti-coal activists on a march to Capitol Hill's coal-fired power plant.  She is dedicated to helping to save the Earth.

Secret Behind Daryl's Beautiful Blonde Mane

Daryl is known for her long, healthy blonde hair.  Worn straight or with natural waves, Daryl's trademark tresses are always the perfect shade of blonde, with dimension and shine.  How does she do it?

Her long time colorists is Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty.  Lucy says that her main priority is to keep her client's hair in top condition.  Lucie explains that Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color is the perfect choice because of the natural conditioners that leave hair shiny and healthy.  "Because Paul Mitchell the color has such low ammonia, I've noticed a real different in her (Daryl's) hair."

To create Daryl's multi-dimensional golden blonde look, Luci Doughty uses the Highlight series from Paul Mitchell the color, and Dual-Prupose Lightener.  She also uses PM SHINES® for lowlights.  "I love Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color because all of the products are kind to the hair and they're fail-proof which means to achieve the color results I am looking for."

Lucie Doughty colors and maintains Daryl Hannah's hair on a regular basis, including when Daryl was out promoting her new board game called "Liebrary" throught the talk show circuit including on the Ellen show.

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