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Hairstyles: Sizzling Hot Hairbuns - Easy, Sexy, Sophisticated


As recently reported by Modern Salon Magazine "elegant chignons were picture perfect at the Randolph Duke show" at LA Fashion Week. Not only can chignons appear sexy and sophisticated, they are one of the easiest of dressy hairstyles to create.

Even better, anyone can wear a sultry chignon which nestles at the nape of the neck. How? With the help of a clip-in chignon or a set of clip-in hair extension pieces which can be quickly wrapped into a sleek bun.

With the popularity of edgy forehead fringes and buns, chignons can be combined with eyebrow framing choppy, sleek or high fashion bangs in a matter of minutes.

Chignons will never go out of style. They will only change to reflect current fashion trends.

If you would love to re-create the gorgeous chignon displayed above follow the simple steps below:

Step By Step Instructions

1. This style actually works best on hair that is "aged. If possible, apply this style to hair that is not freshly washed. If you allow time for the oils to build up on the hair the style actually looks more sophisticated and elegant.

2. If you are not comfortable with wearing "day old" or "aged" hair, wash and dry you hair as far in advance as possible. Shampoo your hair with a product designed to address your hair's type, texture and current condition. Only one sudsing is necessary. Be sure to rinse really well. If tresses are fine or thin, consider using a volumizing product to pump up fullness. Or you may wish to use a volume enhancing root lift in combo with a volumizing shampoo.

3. Towel dry and then apply a leave-in hair conditioner that will also protect your hair against blow drying. Use a good leave-in conditioner to give your hair some weight and manageability unless your hair is fine or thin or flattens easily. If this is the case, use a volumizing mousse product.

4. Use a hair pick or wide toothed comb to carefully detangle your hair. Always remember to start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Take your time so you don't snag or break your hair.

5. Blow dry your hair upside down so that it is as straight as possible. If your hair is naturally wavy you may want to consider using a good temporary straightening balm. Right before blow drying, apply a good gel at the roots of the hair to add volume if you want a fuller look at the roots.

6. When your hair is completely dry, finger pick it smooth brushing it carefully. It is preferable you use a boar's bristle paddle or flat styling brush.

7. Smooth your hair into a low ponytail. A low ponytail is a tail that would have the base gathered close to the nape of your neck.

8. Put a "hair friendly" elastic coated hair band like a Bungee or Blax in your hair to hold the ponytail firmly in place. You may want to use a band that matches your hair color even though ideally the finished chignon will wrap up and over the band.

9. Take the entire length of the ponytail and wrap it in a circular fashion up and over the base of the low pony. Once you have wrapped the entire length of the pony, use your fingers to finish and arrange. Tuck any loose ends into the base of the chignon and pin to hide.

10. Use bobby pins the same color as your hair to secure the newly formed chignon. Be sure to hide the bobby pins so they do not show.

11. Spray the new chignon with hairspray to hold.

You have the option to decorate your finished chignon with a jeweled clip, barrette or a silk flower.

If your hair is not long enough to pull back into a chignon or bun, consider creating an "instant" chignon with the Jessica Simpson HairDo Chignon options. They are designed to be worn by almost all lengths and textures of hair and are available in a variety of gorgeous colors.

Other options include using POP hair extension pieces or the long HairDo clip-in extensions to extend shorter or medium lengths and wrap into a knot.

All of the options for short or medium tresses are available at in the Marketplace or by calling 1-866-469-4247.

Note: The Jessica Simpson synthetic HairDo options can NOT be styled with a hot iron. The Human Hair version of the HairDo line can be cut, colored, chemically treated and hot styled.


Chignons are beautiful yet simple hair buns which are positioned at or slightly above the nape of the neck to create a sophisticated look. These gorgeous hair twists can be adopted by any type of hair texture or type. Short or medium lengths can be instantly extended with an add-on chignon piece or with appropriate hair extensions, clip-in caps or a set of clip-in strands. Even better, this chignon can be paired with sassy bangs or hair accessories to create a wide range of moods and ultimate looks.

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