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Celebrity Hair At 2003 American Music Awards (AMA)


While many of my friends and family kick back and just enjoy the various Hollywood award shows, I always sit tensed at the edge of my chair madly scribbling notes about the latest celebrity hair parade on the tube.

Yes, I am entertained and I even pay attention to who wins what awards, who are no-shows or who makes faces at the cameras. However, hair is the primary focus for my award watching fests. (ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/KEVIN WINTER)

Last week was no different. Although I took the precaution of TIVOing ABC's American Music Awards (AMAs) so I could go back after the fact and freeze frame some of the stellar lovelies, I still spent an enormous amount of live show time jotting cryptic notes and analyzing all the good, bad and ugly hairstyles. (Photo of Mariah Carey - ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/TSUNI.

After the live show was over I replayed it in slow motion just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. Thank goodness I rewound because a hair lover like me was in for a few major hair surprises. (Image of Kathy Griffin to the side - ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/TSUNI).

In light of the current romantic hair trends, the number of beautifully curled and softly waved celebrities were not surprising. What was amazing was the number of celebrities with much longer tresses. In some cases like comedian Kathy Griffen, longer meant to the top of her thighs.

Whether they were real or extensions, there was an abundance of long luscious locks in abundant appearance at the show. This longer hair trend signals the beginning of a consumer hair trend for longer, more romantic locks.

Songbirds Shania and Mariah went much longer with their strands as well. While Mariah combined long soft waves with flowers in her hair, Shania went with the still popular ponytail look that allowed her long locks to flow down towards her waist.

Speaking of Shania, the superstar has recently emerged from an extended period of isolation during the birth of her child and the time she spent hanging out working on her latest CD in her newly adopted French homestead.

Shania arrived at the awards in a black domintrix-like outfit (above) that showed off her recovered figure with her hair in a wild messy ponytail look.

If you look at the style that Shania wore for her performance during the show (shown above & to the side), you will note that the wild section of hair around the top of her ponytail is much smoother and flatter.

(Images of Shania Twain courtesy of ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/CRAIG SJODIN).

Lovely Christina Aquilera

One celebrity that caught my eye was Christina Aquilera. Normally trashy tressed and minimally dressed, Christina did an about face with her entire attire including hair and makeup. Even funny guy David Spade joked during the show with the beautiful star about the large amount of clothing she was wearing for the show. A lot of critics will probably not agree with my opinion of Christina's AMA look but thank goodness for that.

(ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/TSUNI - all rights reserved).

Although her mostly black outfits were definitely gorgeous and covered the majority of her body parts, her hair looked fabulous. Better than it has in a long time, in my humble opinion.

Showing off different looks from tight blonde curls (to the side) to soft ringlets with shoe polish black undertones (shown above and below) Christina looked Hollywood glamorous and fit her assigned image of blonde pop tart. (Images compliments of ABC/RON KOCH - all rights reserved).

Her hair styles were obviously co-ordinated to compliment her different outfits. Gone were the gaudy multi-color "big hair" dreaded look of the past. Her overall look was surprisingly soft and romantic.

Even the black feathered top she wore as a presenter looked chic and worked with her tight blonde ringlets. The black two tone soft hair actually enhanced her look and showcased her gorgeous blue eyes.

Combining both a curly look with longer strands Christina embraced more romantic tresses with her own blend of trendiness. You go girl. Everything about Ms. Aquilera worked. (Image ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/CRAIG SJODIN - all rights strictly reserved).

Maya's Quick Change Hair

Another class act that required close attention was Mya. Not only did Mya completely change her look from her arrival at the show to her presentation, each look was perfectly crafted for her face and outfit. (ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/KEVIN WINTER)

When I initially spotted Mya making her grand arrival I was impressed with how elegant her big Drew Barrymoresque flower looked adorning her cascading, multicolored tightly woven ringlets.

By the time Mya took the stage as a presenter her locks had completely morphed into a sleek, elegant and romantic look. If I didn't know better I would think that Mya ran out and had instant Thermal Reconditioning done to her curls.

She also ditched the large red blossom in favor of a smaller more elegant black floral version worn over the opposite ear.

Talk about a dramatic makeover. I won't rest until I find out who is responsible for this incredible strand transformation. Regardless of the shock value or her major strand change, Mya sparkled in both styles. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous style.


Some obvious hair trends emerged during the AMA awards. Many of the celebrities wore much longer locks that were often curled and waved. Except for Kelly Osborne, gone were the shocking colors of the past. The enigma of gorgeous celebrities flaunting horrifying hairstyles was thankfully missing from this year's broadcast. Elegant styles on beautiful stars were plentiful as were flowers carefully adorning both curls and sleek styles.

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All images used in this article were taken at the 30th annual American Music Awards on Monday, January 13th (8:00 - 11:00 pm ET) which aired live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on ABC Television Network. The special was a Dick Clark Production. All images courtesy of ABC/IMAGEDIRECT - all rights reserved.

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